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Amazing Result Oriented Skin Tag Solution


All natural formula complete with herbs and essences. You can avoid painful freezing and burning treatments, remove tags gently without pain with skin tag removal liquid. No more need to live with ugly tags. Get guranteed delivery of your order..

Tested Solution

Tag removal is derived from ancient formual proven over centuries. It is time tested treatment for all types of skin. Thousands of satisfied patients identified they got clear and smooth skin after its use for couple of days. It effects on tags within 8 hours.

Easy to Use

You just need to complete treatment in three easy steps. Clean the skin around tags gently to clear the skin from unwanted particles than apply skin tag remover with applicator on tags, wait for 6-8 hours to skin tag to fall itself. You can reapply if required.

Learn More About Skin Tags & Treatments

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are grown soft skin that hangs off the skin. Skin tags are harmless but looking ugly and irritating. They can grow anywhere on skin, but majority of times they grown on neck, armpits, around the groin, around or under breasts, on eyelids or under buttocks. Everybody gets skin tag in his life at any age but they mostly occur in old ages.

Why skin tags formed?

Our skin is made of collagen fibers and blood vessels. Tags made up with loose collagen and surrounded blood vessels. They tend to occur in old ages when skin starts loosen. People who are obese particularly gets skin tags. Skin tags grows in skin folds where skin rub with itself like on neck, the overweight people have more folds so they are more likely to get affected by skin tags.

Are skin tags does any harm?

Skin tags general does not do any harm or pain. Sometimes skin tags snag on clothing or jewellery and could bleed. Skin tags look ugly and wart that is the only reason people often keep them forever and they tends to remove them.

What are common treatments for skin tag removal?

There are several ways to get rid of skin tags like burning or freezing, cosmetic surgery and natural herbal medicine mostly oils extracted from specific herbs used for tag removal since centuries. Cosmetic surgery is a costly method and you have to spend time and money to remove tags. Burning and freezing is painful treatment, often leaves marks on skin those looks uglier than tags most of the times. Finally tag removal oil or liquid, it is very common method throughout world because of its effectiveness. In some parts of world herbs are used inform of paste and somewhere their extracts are used.