Best Tourist Places In India

Many people have a hobby of visiting the most luxurious and attractive places of the world. For this, they always keep on searching the most outstanding places of the country. One can enjoy each and every moment of their visit with their vibrant and cheerful friends. Traveling with best buddies provides you the best experience which you have not experienced before.
Are you looking to enjoy your holidays and take it to the next level with full enjoyment and excitement? If yes, then nothing can be better than to relish these by exploring the breathtaking places of the World. If we talk about the best tourist places of India then you do not need to be worried about as the most wondering and relaxing places which are fabulously amazing for the tour.  The seventh largest country in the World, India, stretches from the beautiful high mountains of the Himalayas to the impressive tropical greenery of Kerala. Moreover, it presents a brilliant view by stretching from the sacred Ganges to the sands of the World famous Thar desert. The best collection of places which one can enjoy in India, while their stay over there or special tour is given as below:


It is definitely the place which you have been searching for long. The view is quite satisfactory and relaxing to heart as the mountains are snow capped, serene valleys are there and cascading waterfalls are adding attractive beauty to Manali. One must visit Manali either with fellow mates or solo explore it.  For hiking, it is one of the best places.

2.Mysore Palace:

Tourists find Mysore palace the most attractive place of India. This 2nd most attractive place of India provides you with the most awesome experience. Spectacular view!
Seven palaces make up this stunning Mysore palace. In 1399, original palace was built while in 1912, the current palace was constructed. This new palace is the amalgamation of more than one style such as Muslim, Gothic, Hindu and Rajput styles. Its ivory tower and deep pink marble domes are the most eye catching. An annual arts and culture festival is being hosted over there.


Shima is considered as the best and outstanding place of India, especially for Honeymoon and family holidays. The tourists from every corner of the world come to visit and witness the beauty of Shimla.Wildflower Hall at Shimla is the best place of accommodation there while your tour over there. Not merely tourists, but the people of India visit Shima during their vacations or take special time out from their busy schedule for Shimla visit and stay.


Puskar is considered as one of the oldest cities of India that amazingly consist of damn interesting leftovers of past time. It is such a place where tourist must go. Pushkar has more than 400 sanctuaries. Brahma Temple which is one of the unique temples of the World is the specialty of this city. Best and classy resorts are adding the perfect spice for the tourist to enjoy their comfortable stay over there. Tourists having a great interest in ancient culture would find this place to be the best one for them as Pushkar does not let the expectation of tourists down.

5.Ranakpur Temple:

This temple is quite popular for its art and architecture and marvelously impose highly decorative Jain temple. It was built in the 15th century. More than 50 years were taken to construct it. Having the 80 domes, 1444 unique pillars, and 29 halls, it is considered as one of the largest temples of India. The carvings at interior are extremely intricate.


The place which is popular for trains, tea, and scenic beauty is none other than Darjeeling. Its tea is very special as it has a perfect aroma, light color, thin and so soothing to drink. Around the town, leaves are grown in the hills. Tourists in the Darjeeling enjoy the most wonderful view of the Himalayan foothills which are fascinating and peaks are covered with snow. The narrow gauge railway which is known as ‘’toy train’’ is the way to reach your destination. From 3-hour car drive from nearest airport or 7-hour journey on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railroad, one can easily access Darjeeling to witness and relish its beauty.

7.Qutb Minar:

The tourist from far off places visit India to see the gigantic and stunning Qutb Minar. It is the 2nd highest brick minaret of the World. Everything is unique about it. This minaret is constructed from marble and fabulous red sandstone bricks which are so trendy and carved with the sayings of the Quran. Almost 4 years were taken in its construction. This duration reveals the efforts and minor detailing which further enhance the significance and architecture of this amazing Minar.It has a circular staircase which contains 379 steps leading to the top. Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque is the 1st mosque built in India, which lies at the minaret’s foot.

8.Amber Fort:

Amber fort is the main and a gracious attraction for tourists around Jaipur. It has an outstanding architecture. It is a blend of Rajput and Hindu styles. In the late 16th century, it was built with the marbles and pink and red sandstones. Due to its immense beauty, it has been featured at several times in Bollywood films. The great fact about it is that it’s the perfect Mirror Palace, which has the most dashing and glamorous room with the pure glass ceiling. Hence, the queen could view the beautiful stars before falling asleep. One can access the fort by foot, elephant or 4WD vehicle.

9.Kerala Backwaters:

The Kerala backwaters having luxurious chains of lakes and lagoons lying parallel to the Arabian Sea coast is the centers of attraction for tourists. Many unique species found the Kerala backwaters to be their home. Such aquatic life includes frogs, crabs, mudskippers, animals such as turtles and otters and water birds. In the backwaters, houseboat tourism is highly popular tourism.


Palolem is the natural bay which is mesmerizing. It is surrounded by lofty headlands on either side of it. The ultimate outcomes are calmness and extreme peace which people eager for the most. It is the perfect destination for those people who think that beach cannot be a paradise. People reaches here from all over the World to achieve and regain their mental peace.

The above-mentioned list is the list of places you must have a look at while going to India or should tell your friend about it before their visit over there. Tourist should visit all these places while exploring India as these would provide them the most amazing and astonishing experience. No doubt, this memorable journey is what they have been looking for. Get your bags packed and be on the road by visiting the wonders with your friends, family or alone, as you desire.