Buying Individual Health Insurance Plan

Nowadays, with the maximum spreading of awareness people seem to buy health insurance for them. Health is no doubt of extreme value and the health insurance plan is the one which found the best way to assure it with their minds relaxed and get the satisfaction in life. Buying individual health insurance plan can be a bit tough process. Before selecting the right health insurance plan for you or buying it, one must entirely comprehend the policies. They must be aware of each and every clause of it. It is helpful for them to make a sagacious choice. Do not risk your precious and worthy life by keeping it away from health insurance. The amazing and vibrant health quotes are ample to realize and signify the value of health.

Firstly, ensure that either you need it or not. Many of the state insurers may reject you just because of your pre-existing health conditions. In such a scenario, it is quite tough to get individual health care insurance. One of the most significant purchases which one make in their life is buying Health insurance. To find the best and perfect health insurance information and quotes was never this much easier before. Even, it is feasible for one to compare health plans as well. Bringing ease to luxurious life.

When to Purchase an Individual Health  Care Plan:

One can purchase the individual health care insurance plan during the time period, which is known as the open enrollment plan. One can even buy it outside the open enrollment period if they qualify for the life event like getting married, moving outside the coverage area of your insurer or having a baby. One can also buy the coverage outside the open enrollment time period when they had a unique and special situation that prevented you from enrolling you earlier.

To qualify the life events that effectively provide you a special sixty day enrollment period are given as below:

  • Leaving incarceration
  • Getting married
  • Placing a child for adoption
  • Adopting a child
  • Having a baby
  • Moving
  • Gaining the status as member of an Indian tribe
  • Foster care
  • Losing the eligibility for the Medicaid or (CHIP) Children’s Health Insurance Program
  • Losing the other coverage because of divorce, job loss or aging of a parent’s plan.

At any time of the year, you can conveniently sign up for CHIP or  Medicaid.  These are the state insurance and federal program for people having low income.

Benefits of Individual Health Insurance Plan:

The individual health care plans varied vastly in the sense of what they cover and the insurers could easily refuse your application of insurance or may boost up your premiums if you are suffering from any health condition. It was just before the introduction of health care reform.

Now, the entire scenario has been changed as the insurers have to cover you completely regardless of the health history. In addition to this, the insurer does not charge you much because of your health ailment.
One qualify for the health insurance plan if they are pregnant or have a serious illness such as cancer or suffering from a long-term condition such as diabetes.

All the health care plans for the individuals should cover the standard set of 10 amazing benefits which are given as:

  • Emergency room visits
  • Outpatient care (like visit to doctor’s office)
  • Pregnancy and maternity care
  • Hospitalization (like surgery)
  • Prescription drugs
  • Mental health treatment and the  substance abuse treatment
  • Lab tests
  • Devices and services which are required for the recovery after the injury or chronic condition or because of a disability
  • Pediatric services, including dental and vision care for kids
  • Preventive services which include a huge variety of the health screenings, birth control, and immunizations. It is quite beneficial as you do pay anything out of your pocket for the preventive care as you found the providers of health care in the health plan’s network.

Different Kinds of Individual Health Care Insurance Plans:

There are various types of health insurance plans available for people in order to let them choose the one which suits perfectly to them. The best health insurance plan covers the maximum benefits. These plans vary in the way they have been structured. Moreover, the health care cost paid for them also vary.
To make the comparison easier, health insurance plans are classified into 5 categories. These are categorized on the basis of % of heath care costs, which the plan pays and also the portion that you pay from your own pocket that includes the copayments, deductible, and coinsurance. These percentages are the estimates that are based on the cost of the medical care that is utilized by an average person in a year.

The main categories of the heath care plan are given as below:

  1. Catastrophic: Catastrophic health insurance plans generally have a bit higher deductibles. These pay you less than sixty percent of your heal care costs. People having the age less than 30 or those who are suffering from any financial hardship are eligible to buy a catastrophic plan.
  2. Silver: In Silver health insurance plan, one pays 30% and the company pays you 70% of the health care cost.
  3. Gold: The Gold health insurance plan pays you 80% of the health care costs while you have to pay only 20%.
  4. Bronze: In this policy, the company pays you 60% of the health care insurance plan while you have to pay 40%.
  5. Platinum: In Platinum health insurance plan, one gets 90% of their health care cost plan from the company while hey have to pay only 10%.

In general, the lesser you pay out of your pocket for the copayment, co-insurance, and deductible, the higher you pay in the coverage premium. It requires the effective utilization of both your precious time and effort in order to make a sagacious and the smart health insurance choice for yourself.  This is the amazing homework, which would definitely pay you off in the later phase of your life when you and your family requires that the most. Value your health and relish these exciting benefits. Get yourself motivated in order to achieve the best health by frequently having a look at the health quotes. Recommend it to your loved ones as well as to show your deep love and care for them.

One can get the one’s health insurance by choosing the way, what facilitates them the most. Either enroll yourself online or contact a broker or an agent for this purpose.