Choosing best weight loss program

Best weight loss program

A lot of people have been facing obesity problems and then rush towards the weight loss programs. Dozens of weight loss programs have been flooded in the market for shedding excess fat from the body. Not all, but many of the diet plans promised to reduce the weight through ineffective ways. You should get aware about the pros and cons of the weight loss program before it starts. Have a look at some of the diet plans, that reveal easy ways to lose your weight.

3 Hour Diet

The three-hour diet means eating in chunks after three hours interval. The main reason behind this approach is that eating again and again after three hours each, will keep your metabolism running fast that helps in burning fat. In this weight loss program fried chicken, candy bars, and red meat are allowed.

Pros: You can enjoy your favorite food in small portions. There is no need to give up.
Cons: If you’re not consistent in taking small portions, then you may gain weight. Also, this weight loss program ignores the physical workout completely.

Atkins Diet

Always plan the meal course for weight loss. This diet plan emphasizes eating low-starch vegetables and lean protein. Only simple carbohydrates such as sugar and flour should be avoided. With this weight loss program, consuming a few carbohydrates allow your body to burn a greater amount of fat.

Pros: The reduction in carbohydrate intake helps in reducing the weight
Cons: A low-carbohydrate diet for a long period of time is difficult to stick on.

Best Life Diet

Are you interested in reducing your weight through a different way? Here comes another weight loss program that is quite unique. This program attempts to change your eating style and routines, exercising and living to achieve a better health. This diet plan identifies the reasons of overeating and discovers why your body is getting fat. The plan also focuses on making physical and emotional changes that last for lifetime.

Pros: Identify the root cause of overweight and deal with the issue accordingly

Cabbage Soup Diet

As suggested by the name, cabbage soup diet primarily focuses on having a bowl of soup for one week. This is the easiest way to lose your weight. This diet promises to lose up to ten pounds within a week. You don’t need to make meal plans for weight loss. Just cabbage soup works!

Pros: The easiest and fast method to lose your weight and get ready for the upcoming occasion.
Cons:  This weight loss program totally ignores the exercise and use of proteins to boost up the energy level. By the end of a week, you might feel weakness.

Fat Flush Diet

This weight loss diet promises to burn the fat. The intake of low-carbohydrate and specific food items increase the metabolism rate, clean the liver, which in results melt the fat around the hips, thighs and waist areas.

Pros: The diet plan emphasizes the healthy foods such as vegetables, fiber-rich fruits, and healthy oils.
Cons: Because of the strict food restrictions, this diet is difficult to maintain for a long time period. Furthermore, following the diet plan is somehow costly due to the expensive supplements it requires.

Grapefruit Diet

Weight loss shakes and juices are the special means to achieve your goals. This weight loss program aims to consume grapefruit juice with meals. Grapefruit is famous for reducing the weight, and also keeps you healthy and fresh.

Pros: The vitamin C is a great protection for the immune system. Also, it is the easy way to lose your weight within a couple of days.
Cons:  For people, who are drinking grapefruit juice while taking statins increase the absorption of drugs into blood streams? High concentration of the drugs in the blood may increase complications and affect the liver and kidneys.

Mediterranean Diet

The proper meal plan for weight loss is really encouraging through the consumption of fresh foods. This weight loss plan includes vegetables, fresh fruit, legumes and olive oil. A moderate level of poultry is also included in order to balance the nutrients. This weight loss program promises weight reduction along with other numerous benefits.

Pros: Keep you fresh and healthy with juicy fruits and vegetables
Cons: This weight loss plan ignores the exercise that is also an important element for weight loss.

The Zone Diet

This diet program includes consuming fixed ratio of protein carbohydrates, and fat. Ratio given is 30% of each protein and fat and 40% of carbohydrates. This mix is most favorable for the human body because this is best for metabolic nature and structure. It significantly increases metabolism.

Pros: Intake of all nutrients removes the deficiency of proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates from the body.
Cons: Some Experts are of the opinion that intake of high proteins is not a healthy way to lose weight for the long term. For overcoming this issue, some people prefer to take weight loss shakes and regular exercise with such balanced diet.