Cost, risks and effects of anti-aging treatments

Anti aging treatments

Surgery, Laser, Injections, Botox, Fillers, and Creams are the top most treatments for aging skin. Here we are to discuss these methods one by one to give you complete guidance about your aging skin treatment choice.

Facelift surgery is most costly and complex treatment for aging skin. It’s complex due to its limitations and results vary from person to person. Skin mass of face and neck, bone structure and overall health determines if you are a perfect candidate for a facelift. The average cost of a facelift is 6000$ in the United States, it may include other fees like anesthesia, prescriptions, or preparatory tests etc. Single facelift surgery may not work and you have to undergo a number of surgeries so cost may increase many times.

Laser skin tightening is second on our list. Unlike surgery, laser treatment has less limitation due to its nature of treatment. The laser heats up collagen under the skin surface, collagen is a natural component which decreased in aging skins. So they heat up this component that contract and tighten facial skin. No miracle or actual work they do indeed. Laser treatment can be painful but doctor uses anesthetic cream to lower the effect of pain. The laser causes skin red and it remains red for several days. Natural recovery process settles down to skin tone and it starts looking young but for two to five years. The cost of single laser treatment varies from 500$ to 3500$. Due to several shots, overall treatment cost may increase.

Injections fill the skin with collagen and hyaluronic acid. These components fill out the bracket lines and make skin smooth and tight. Fillers last six to twelve month, Treatment with injection hurts especially on face and neck. The average cost of filler is about 600$ to 800$ including all fees.  Due to its short term results, it’s cost increase as you might have to go to same treatment after six to twelve months.

Botox are anti-wrinkle injections mainly consist of botulinum toxin. Botulinum is a bacterial neurotoxin it can cause the issue if not used properly. Botox relaxes the muscles. Doctors use it thoroughly all over the face but several studies show that it is useful for frown and forehead. A single unit of Botox cost 12$ and you may need up to 20 units and practitioner charge his/her fee separately so it will cost about 300$ – 400$ for a single treatment. Botox also hurts and its results last three to four months.

Anti-aging creams are readily available in markets. The only issue with these creams is to choose right cream from the pool of products. New and improved formula with retinoid rich formula cream is best these days. It brings results slowly like within a week of its first use it starts giving out tighten skin with a younger look. The average cost of a good working wrinkle cream is 70$ – 110$ and you can use for several months easily. Results last for several months and it is affordable to keep its continued use as age grows your skin needs more vitamins and collagen in your skin. The aging cream is the best choice these days in terms of cost, effort, and results.  We sorted out a new and improved wrinkle cream from United States market after studying its results and effectiveness. You should try once before going to a dermatologist or surgeon.