Create Extra Space In Your Backup Drive

Having more space in your backup drive will let you enjoy more space

We get lots of application to keep in hard drive but maintaining hard disks effectively is quite a problem. We often get stuck in downloading any file because the device is popping message that the memory is full, with some easy step one could get more space in the device like regularly clean off browser temporary files. Sometimes you must delete some potentially unused installation package. Removing of unwanted even unknown items from your device program file could also help you to get some space on your device. Having ample space in your device will let you enjoy more and more application usage.

Now when we have so much to save, backup requires a large amount of drive storage space. The only problem which might come in between is the deleted file.  You can have some space on your system drive by removing some files, but that doesn’t really mean that those files are deleted from backup. When you have a strong and good backup then you can save previous copies of other files for future use. Your device will have the latest version of a frequently-edited file, but when it comes to backup then it may contain many versions.

When you have good backup software then you can wash out old backups. You must remove all the files from your device which is unnecessary to back up anymore. We will learn how to backup in Windows 7 and 8 by using their inbuilt backup software. Window 7 backup and restore is easy to maintain as here you will get automate flush out. But for better application usage, you can always manually remove the backups. When you open setting you will get Backup and Restore app, you will see that your backup drive is already plugged in. by pressing View backup’s button you can check and manage backup files.

One of the most difficult situation people faces with their devices that unless you’re willing to spend a lot for a disk, still you will run out of space very quickly. Many people keep on removing applications that people doesn’t use but still there are a variety of items in your device have that can end up consuming space. OS need to be healthy and for that removing builds up cruft is utmost important. Every device automatically removes this cruft built into the OS. You can easily use the cleanup function which will clean up System Files easily.
Window 8 file history is one feature that integrates file backup. With the File History, your system will be able to back up your entire computer to an external drive. When your device has this feature then Microsoft already turned this into a workable backup file system. Having this system will help you to enjoy more space in your device and with this, you can enjoy more space and download more application. Setting purging requires you to click Advanced Settings in the left side panel. Now you have to click on the drop down that says Keep saved versions menu. With this system, one could save old versions of files for 1 month.
Easeus Todo Backup is not a new concept but at first look, people normally think that Todo’s purging tool works with ISO image backup files only. This system is also called as Image-reserve technique and that’s why people get confused. But it is not only for image backups, it also works with file backups too. All you need is to click the advanced icon for the backup plan and then choose Edit Plan. Having filed back will provide you more space to add more application and your backup drive will have space for storage purpose. It is always great to have more space on your backup drive.


By following the above methods, you will be able to free up a lot of space on your backup drive. You can always prefer to buy an external software that can help you to automate this task. But if you can spare some time then you will be able to achieve this task without paying anything. It is highly recommended to have a backup of your system on an external drive so that if any data loss occurs on your system then you will be able to get back your files and important documents using that backup file. Moreover, there’s always an option to upgrade your storage unit if you can’t optimize your backup drive.