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Here we come with solution to many common and uncommon problems of personal computers. Either your system is slowed down or crashed or have any other issue. You can solve these all issues with our PC cleaner and optimizer software. Take a look at distinct features of our pc suite.

  1. Scan Your Computer
  2. Clean PC Completely
  3. Fix Registry Issues
  4. Boost Up Performance
  5. Protect Your PC From Online Threats


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Advanced PC Protection Strategy

Security Layers

Our PC suite implements various security layers to protect your PC from malwares, viruses, attacks and vulnerabilities. It works very fast and monitors your system for any problem and fix it automatically.

Combination of Tools

It is combination of all essential set of tools to take care of all PC problems including system junk file cleaner, anti-virus and online threat protection advance firewall. It can fight with your PC problems online and offline.

Ensurance By Techs

Our PC technicians are available 24/7 to respond quickly to your problems. Our system connected with online support system as well. All scan reports could be sent to experts with just single click.

Read More About PC Problems and Solutions

When we buy a brand new personal computer, desktop or laptop it works very smoothly and gives quick response. By time, it slows down and finally starts hanging on each request. There is nothing frustrating than a slow and crashed PC. It takes minutes to startup and getting ready for work. After that when you get in, it becomes difficult to use an application due to long response time. Normally when we install apps, games and download stuff like movies, music and software, it fill up hard drive and system cannot find space to store temporary files during startup and running applications, so it slows down.  There are many other reasons behind slow computer that you can fix freely at your home without spending any money.

Disable Auto Runs

Mostly used PCs have slow speed due to auto-run applications that over load RAM even when you are using them or not using them at a particular time. If you are a Windows user, you can see icons of such application from right bottom of your screen in taskbar. You can manually close them one by one or use Windows task manager but to disable permanently, you can do this from configuration settings. Press Windows + R, and type “msconfig”, it should open up the configuration screen on the PC. From ‘Start up’ you can see all applications that starts automatically when you start the PC. Just right click on each application and disable, later restart your PC and it should start faster than before.

Do Some Defragmentation

Secondly, defragmentation is very important technique to speed up computer. Over time your files fragmented all over the hard drive so your computer has to check multiple places to gather your files. So you need defragmentation, in this process all pieces of your files jumble up again into single files. It reduces response time and increase speed. In new version of Windows, defragmentation takes place automatically like in windows 7,8 and 10. But it occurs on schedule of weekly or monthly, if your usage of computer is high then you should change defragmentation schedule or do this manually each time from control panel.

Keep Antivirus

Malwares and malicious software can cause slow speed and even they can crash your PC as well. Keep a good antivirus scanner in your computer. Run your antivirus and start scanning, in couple of minutes it will list all such piece of software that should be truncated. Schedule your security tools to scan and automatically eliminate such malicious applications regularly so you can get smooth pc speed.

Increase Virtual Memory

Another important tip to speed up your pc is to allow your computer to use more virtual memory. Your operating system loads its important files in virtual memory. When it did not finds enough space in virtual memory then system response time increases.  Using advance versions of windows on a computer with poor hardware is constant reason of slow performance. Especially, Windows 10 have rich graphics and animation can easily overload RAM. Before installing an operating system make sure your pc hardware are enough capable to handle its operations.

Keep Applications Up to Date

Keep your software up to date is a good idea. Software vendors regularly release updates to fix glitches and bugs. Microsoft issues updates to fix security issues and enhance their operating system. You should download and install updates regularly. This will keep your system smooth. Moreover you can switch to newer version of your current operating system if it is available.

Purge Browser Data

Don’t ignore web browsers, each time your visit a website, content of that website like html files, images and other files downloads in your pc. Some websites create cookies on your system which contains browsing history and other details. If your speed slows down for browsers or while using internet than you should immediately clear your browser cache, you can find clear cache option in settings of your browser. In Firefox, this option is given in history dropdown as well.

Get Rid of Unwanted Programs

Audit your system programs regularly and remove unwanted programs can speed up your system. When a bought your system it comes with preinstall application that becomes out dated by time. You must remove old applications and install new ones.  You can find ‘uninstall program’ tool in control panel where you will find list of programs that you can uninstall with just on right click. This will free up storage and memory.

Remove Bloatwares

Web browser tool bars are example of a bloatware.  They come along with many free software packages. Toolbars appear on top of your browser window and provide various useful functionalities. If you feel their features are not enough usable for you. You can easily get rid of them to make your browser faster. Other than bloatware there are lots of plugins and add-ons are there in market for every browser. Users mostly install many of them and later rarely use them. So removing unwanted or resource consuming plugins and add-ons is always gives a boost up to your pc and browser.

Uninstall Hungry Programs

Sometimes you install some programs those are always hungry for resources. It is very difficult to remove such programs due to their importance for our work and usage. Only way to fix such software to find its alternative that demand less resources and could be able to do same functionality so you can easily replace without disturbing your flow of work. Most of PC tech experts suggest you should monitor your programs on regular basis to find out if any program consuming unnecessary amount resources so you can timely replace them with alternatives.

Keep Eye on System Tray

Some programs once runs then never stop by just closing their window. They keep running behind as background process. You can see such programs in your system tray. You can click them to come up again if you want reuse instead starting a new thread. If you don’t need any more than just close them by right clicking their icons in system tray. This will help your system perform much better.

Fix System Files

Installing, uninstalling programs and forcing system shutdowns cause errors in system files. These files are very important for your computer. Most users do not know or ignore this major cause of slower pc.  These errors can abort a running program and hang whole system. There are number of options to fix this problem like reinstalling or resetting your windows and using pc fixer tools. You can go for any option that is feasible for you. Mostly free and easy approach is to use pc fixer software that fix only damage files instead of replacing whole windows files.

Stop/Kill Unresponsive Scripts

There is some runtime issues occur to some programs especially the web browsers when you open such a website with crappy scripts. It slows down your system with unresponsive and long running functions in background like pop-ups and advertisement injections. You cannot remove such program or cannot do anything except restarting that application. In case of worst situation when you see your system is not even closing that application than you should use windows task manager. In task manager you can right click the application, most of times ‘not responding’ written in detail ahead of that application. You should right click the name of application and then go to process. It will take you straight to the process list and you can clearly watch its resource consumption there. Here you can end the process using button given below on process tab of windows task manager. This will help you instantly fix the problem.

Use PC Cleaners

PC cleaner and registry fixer software are very common and useful. This software can scan your pc and clean up your hard drives from unnecessary files and can fix registry problems. Most of such application comes free of charge so you can download them for your use anytime. We bring an amazing register fixer and pc cleaner tool which is widely used and have no cost at all for all PC users including Mac. You can use our state of the art pc cleaner and pc fixer software using download button given on this page. This pc cleaner tool will do many tasks like scan your system, clean it completely, fix register issues and protect from online and offline threats.

Update Drivers

Drivers are important for any operating system to enables it to interact with hardware and peripheral devices. Hardware drivers and windows must be up to date. Most of the drives come along windows fresh install and updating windows also updates its drivers. But in some cases this does not happen, especially when you are using printer, scanner and external webcam.  To update these drivers you need to go to their respective product website and download from their download section. If you are using some old device than its possible you may not find its drivers. In this case you need to replace your device with new one otherwise it will be difficult to optimize your pc for high speed.

Replace Hardwares

We have discussed all about programs and software related techniques to speed up the computer system.  As we know, computer is combination of software and hardware. Hardware is second important factor in pc performance.  Hard disk and RAM are two most important hardware those effect pc speed. Hard drive stores all applications and data permanently and provides to RAM for live execution. Computer feels difficulty finding data from old and slow hard drive. SSDs are new type of hard disks those are very efficient and quick in data storage and retrieval. Replacing hardware may cost you some money. But it is inevitable when there is no option left. Second most important and I will say it is all the time key factor in pc speed booster that is RAM, random access memory loads all working files and microprocessor get files and data from RAM to do processes. So RAM should be up to date like new versions of DDRs and it should be enough big to loads all files. If RAM is small in capacity than your system needs to do lots of swapping between RAM and hard disk. So it takes extra processing and makes your system slow. So move to SSD hard drive and increase RAM. It will solve your hardware slow down factor ultimately.

Do Some Maintenance

Weak and damage hardware heat up PC in most cases this is another big hardware reason for slower computer.  Check if your system heats up frequently and check how much time it takes to gain heat after start up. Heating can be due to two main reasons one stated above that is damaged hardware and second is dust and cleanliness of internal hardware like motherboard and processor. Most of times, heating always occurs due to dust that piles up microchips and block heat exhaust from the system. Heating is very dangerous, this can burn your system and you can lose everything in your PC. So don’t wait for weekends, check your system and clean it immediately. For this you can use air blower to blow away dust from exhaust fans and from motherboard. If you are not likely to take risk, because sometimes air blower, blow away some small tiny capacitors and registers from motherboard as well and makes system crashed permanently.  So you have to take your PC to tech support shop and they will do this for you. By time, windows operating system upgrades and enhanced with new features similarly computer vendors enhanced their computers as well. If you are running new version of windows or willing to us on old PC, than it will not be a good choice because your system will never run smoothly and perform very slow. You should buy new and upgraded PC, mostly come reinstall newer version of windows. This will save your time and money doing lots of tweaks and hardware replacements.

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