Fixing the slow computer problem after window update

With the update of the Windows from its earlier version to the latest one, always some critical program occurs that may slow down the PC. This may happen mainly because of installing many more updates at once, and the best way to fix these kinds of issues is to restore your windows PC, but before going into that, you can try out other steps that may be helpful for you in making the PC faster.


Cleaning up some system files

Cleaning up the system files that are no longer useful for your PC or making the PC slower can be very important in making your computer faster. For doing this operation, you should open up the search console & then type the administrative tools, after that simply click on it and here you will see a list of other utility programs. On this list just click on Disk cleaner or Disk cleanup. Note: You should be administrative to perform this operation. Here, you can clean up all files by clicking on check mark of all the boxes.

Step 2

Adjusting the performance in terms of Virtual Memory & Background services

Right click on the start menu & then open up the control panel, here search for the performance options on the top right & click on the appearance & performance for the further adjustment. On the advanced tab simply click changes under the Virtual Memory & background services check box options. After that just uncheck the Automatic option for managing the paging file size in a customized way & at last restart the PC to make changes.


Making the flash drive ready boot

You can perform the operation of making the flash drive ready boost of your own for giving a perform boost to your computer. Here you have to insert your pen drive into the USB slot of the laptop or PC and then right click on the flash drive. After that check out the properties of the flash drive, you have just inserted. You can see a tab named Ready Boost of which you have to select space of around 4 to 8 GB and then click on the “Apply” button for the changes to get reflected.


Running a utility program

Apart from that, you can run a utility program like PC Cleaner that clears out the cache & free up some resources for you with added advantage of clearing the registry entries that you no longer need. Also, uninstalling the updates that you don’t want to see can be useful.

Final words: Reinstall your Windows

This step should be performed in a thorough way to solve the slow boot problem or computer running slow issue if all the above-mentioned steps fail to speed up the running time of your PC. However, there is no doubt that installing or refreshing your PC can really give you some pain. Apart from that if you are technically good with the computer, then you can modify the registry or can adjust the virtual memory settings or even delete the malware for fixing up your slow computer issue. It is highly recommended to perform the restore operation if your computer is running slow after a sudden windows update. You can follow each & every step clearly in order complete this operation.