Getting guaranteed personal loan approval

Lenders check your credit history and ask your income, in general.  Your credit history is very important and affects interest rates directly. Interest rates differ from lender to lender and it’s not fixed in case of personal loans. The consumer may get a personal loan on the basis of his steady income even if he has poor or average credit history and on the other hand, good credit history with low income may also get loan approval and could be offered low-interest rates.

Important! You are required to be 18 or above and a legal US resident with a bank account.  You should not be in bankruptcy and foreclosure.

There are some lenders, does not check your credit score and have no minimum credit score requirements.  Such lenders approve the loans with poor credit scores. Some of them charge little higher interest rates. In addition to credit score, debt to income ratio and credit history, there are numbers of checkpoints to consider before applying for personal loans. These highlights will increase chances of guaranteed approval.

  • Figure out your needs and determine what kind of personal loan you required.  If your credit score is poor and you are not going to qualify for an unsecured loan then you should go for secure loan option.
  • Take a look at your credit report. When you apply for a loan that you could not qualify it hits your credit score and appear on credit report. Before you are going to apply for a loan, try getting free credit report.
  • Make sure you are paying your bills on time, once you got a personal loan even its secure. Try to payout installments on time to get your credit score improve. Once you pay off all previous loans, it will help you to get next loan easily and with better interest rates.
  • Always choose online lenders, there are numerous advantages of online lenders. They have low operational cost and hence they offer low-interest rates. Take advantage of online lenders and it’s a smart choice these days.