Health problems associated with mobile phones

Health issues with mobiles

So far mobile communication and it’s applications in various fields, be it technical or some primitive operations have become widespread in the past few years. In USA, the usage of mobile devices is among the greatest in the world in proportion to the size of the population.

Mobile Technology & Our Health

Mobile communication system, first of all, requires a base station from where the electromagnetic radiations will reach out to the designated users and will provide a platform to interact with each other across the world. But somehow this interaction has given way to several reactions to our health and mind too. As we know that our body and mind are correlated with each other and verily respond to the electromagnetic radiations as they are an advanced prototype of powerful energy dynamos themselves, so it is quite obvious for us to attract the after effects of mobile communications to render our psyche and body which has lately been reported from several parts of the globe. Although many efforts have been put forth to illustrate that the effects are not severe but in reality they are.

When you move out of your home with a cell phone in your pocket, it’s quite fancy to carry it all along for it’s become an exposure more than a need nowadays, but the consequences turn severe when it starts to function actually. There is a high possibility of sleep deprivation to those of frequent users accompanied with fatigue, lack of concentration, mood swings, and headache. Electromagnetic radiations have an affinity toward altering brain cells and to some extent causing damage to them as well. This damage increases exponentially with an increase of the resting blood pressure. It also reduces the production of melatonin and can bring about DNA strand breaks according to recent studies.

The latest research has proven these radiations to be so dangerous that it can even initiate the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease including damages in the portion of the brain which are associated with learning, thinking and memory processing. This study was basically performed on rats which were exposed to radiations equivalent to the two hours usage of mobile phones. After several days when the brain was scanned, several portions of the brain and it’s cells were found to be damaged. The development states of the brain were similar to the state of a teenager. The worrisome impact of mobile phone usage has made researchers fall into the pit of complete bizarre. They emphasized on controlling the use of modern devices and to cut them short when it comes to the future possibilities of mental decline in teenagers because of this technological advancement.

Furthermore, the American Journal of Epidemiology published its recent research works of Dr. Siegal Sadetzki, a cancer specialist at Tel Aviv University regarding the link between mobile phone use and the chances of brain cancer, mouth cancer, and leukemia. The study shows that people using cell phones for hours a day are more likely to trigger cancerous cells in their body than the normal persons who do not talk at all.

The controversial relationship between the prolonged usage of cell phones and the diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancers have come to the fore most recently although we are often told in news broadcasts not to worry. But with the ongoing advancement in the field of telecommunication, people need to be aware of these results which can prove to be effective if followed at least by few daily users.