How a Good Memory Plays a Great Role in Your Success

Good memory

Who does not wish to be successful? Surely, everyone wishes to.  For achieving success, one works hard day and night and leave no stone unturned to do so. When the desire to be on the top comes true and the person becomes successful in his life, then there is no moment to be the most pleasing one. Everyone respects a successful person. It is a universal fact that success has many fathers.

Unsuccessful people are considered to be the useless people. People hate to be a part of such list.

But Wait! Despite your efforts, you may not be successful. Yes! You read it right.
The question arising in your mind is that how is it possible that one works hard and does not get the reward for success. Then, let me tell you, friends, that it is POSSIBLE. The notorious factor in this regard which hinders your success is your worst memory. While having a good memory can spice up your life and can take you on the road to success embellished with happiness and satisfaction. Interesting!

Lets have a look at how good memory plays a great role in your success.

Role of Good Memory in Studing:

During the student life, one need to have the sharpest memory. The role of sharp memory during such golden phase of one’s life can never be denied. The more things a student can memorize, the more brilliant he is considered. In addition to this, the learning and remembering for the longer duration of time also matters a lot. Some people remember the things temporary while the others have great memory that they can remember the events and whatever is taught to them for longer or even for the lifetime. Such people are no doubt the most successful one. Different techniques can be adopted and various strategies can be made such as creating mnemonics, getting enough sleep, incorporating visuals, use repetition, frequently reviewing are the ones which effectively work. Parents, especially mothers seem in tension while watching their children having the poor ability to learn and memorize. Poor and average students, both found their study life a nightmare. Mothers help them out as they are eager to make their children more successful and glad. For this, mothers provide them nutritious meal and add supplements to their daily routine as well.

This kind of students rocks the world and show their brilliant results in exams and extracurricular activities too. Moreover, these are liked both by the teachers and their friends. Parents feel proud of them. The best feeling ever!

The role of Good Memory in Professional Life:

Professional life is the most important phase of everyone’s life. After completing the studies, people step in their professional life. They have extraordinary and outstanding dreams which they want to fulfill. For this, they are passionate and enthusiastic. Having strong memory adds the perfect flavor to your professional life. People having great memory are in the good books  of their boss as they solve any issue which the company face by utilizing their memory and figuring it out that where the fault exist. They also remember about the meetings and the important clause of it. Boss and even employees of the company rely on them. Such people easily step up on the stairs of success.
A chef if forgets what to particular spice should be added to the dish and what is the sequence of adding then the whole credit for this failure goes to the bad memory. Similarly, if the guitarist forgets the beat, the actor forgets the dialogues, etc then the notorious memory is the one which should be blamed. Letting the bad memory to keep you away from success is entirely your fault. Sharpen it to rule the world of success.

Role of Memory in Personal Life:

Not only in student life and professional life, but in the personal life too, one has to admit the value of good memory. Many fights and distances are commonly seen in the life of people as they forget the important dates and events of their loved ones. To combat this, they make several efforts which sometime is useful while majority of them, it seems to be the waste of time. All goes in vain and the whole credit of it goes to the bad memory.  While on the other hand, one having sharp memory can easily relish each and every moment of their life while keeping his family and dear ones happy.

Remembering and celebrating the special moments of your children, wife and parents would bring extreme happiness to their life while bringing satisfaction to you as well. Remembering your baby’s first stage performance, your anniversary, your parent’s birthday, time of picking your baby from the school, time to grocery for home, right time to wish important events etc. makes you a good and most lovely part of your family. Successful personal life means having the strong bond with your family and the chain remain linked tightly due to the sharp memory. Planning a party or a trip with your friends and then forgetting it surely is the most killing one. Forgetting the invitation from the relatives and losing the chance of joining them in their daughter’s marriage or son’s birthday leaves a bad impact. Such people remain quite far from success as unpleasing others does not let you to become a successful person.

Role of Memory in Competitions:

In this competitive world, the survival of the fittest is possible. If you have taken a part in the competition or someone recommended your name for a competition then you cannot let them down. Having confidence alone won’t let you taste success, but a sharp memory is required too. For this, one should take memory boosting supplements, foods that enhance the memory and should play brain games as well. Likewise, keep yourself away from the diet or food which is dangerous to your brain health. Besides this, repetition of things also helps one to keep the things mesmerizing. To have the desire on the top and to achieve the title of Topper is two different things. One needs to comprehend the difference between them and does not allow bad memory to be a stone in their success. Competitions cannot be win without memory. The key role of great memory in achieving success perfectly signifies its value which should never be denied and efforts should be made for retaining and boosting it. Brain exercise and the right meal on a daily basis would prove to be the effective one. It would not be wrong to say that the main element and the pavement to success is your ‘’Great Memory’’.