How Bad Memory Causes Losses in Our Lives

Bad memory problems

Importance of Good Memory:

Good and sharp memory is of keen importance for all the people. The memory includes remembering the faces, information, facts, events, circumstances, dates and all other necessary things which have a direct or indirect concern with our everyday life. No doubt, it is a measure of your great ability to prevail in the today’s fast paced and information dependent society.
A person with good memory does not need to fear to forget or to misplace necessary kinds of stuff. He is strong and capable enough to overcome the mental barriers which hinder you from achieving the marvelous success in your love life, career, and personal life.

Causes of Bad Memory:

Bad Memory sometimes becomes a matter of shame for people as it gifts oneself forgetfulness. Such person cannot perform his duties well because this huge hindrance forbade him to do so. One does not get bad memory as a drop of rain, but it is caused by several factors. These notorious factors make one’s life restless. Age is considered as the major factor which results in loss of memory. Besides this, depression and stress nowadays is the leading cause as it affects your brain quite badly. The performance of your brain gradually becomes poor and the end results in poor memory. According to the latest research, eating too much of junk food can lead you to have such bad memory. One can also lose, sharp and good memory due to accident too.  Keep your brain protected from any sort of harm and eat what nourishes it properly. Healthy the mind would be, more shape the memory would become.

Worst Impact of Bad Memory in Our Lives:

Life is so beautiful. Each and every moment of life should be enjoyed with full confidence. The chain of small happy moments when linked then surely make the most precious and worthy life. This is the life which people eager and wish to have. A single notorious factor can ruin it badly. Astonishing!
This factor is none other than ‘’Bad Memory’’. How it leaves a gigantic bad impact on one’s life? Let’s have a glance at it!

1. Losing the Happy Moments:

Bad memory makes you forget the important events of life. You even do not remember the date of your anniversary. The first school stage performance, which means everything to your baby is the time when the baby expects you the most to be present there and encourage their morale. This fabulous and outstanding day turns into the worst day and undesirable memory for the baby just because of your bad memory as you forgot to reach there. Celebrating the important days of life and the success of your friends is mandatory. Likewise, presenting gifts to them and your children as well on their good performance is what brings happiness to their face. Do not let bad memory to lose your happy moments.

2. Ruin Relationships:

Both personal and social life gets adversely affected due to bad memory. Everyone has their loved ones in their life which they never want to lose. For this, they show a deep love and care. But a killing factor like bad memory can snatch your happiness and can create vast distance between you and your loved ones. It is expected from your loved one to remember their special events such as birthday, anniversary, etc. But the failure to do so brings so many problems. It can be ignored if you forget ones or twice, but don’t remember it more than this frequency can ruin your relationship. It is because the other person would think that you no longer value them in your life.
Similarly, to be a part of amazing friend circle is what charms everyone. Friends share their sorrows and happiness. The time spent with them is a golden time. Embellished with sweet memories. Friends have a lot of expectations which need to be fulfilled amazingly. Rejoice your life in their presence. If you do not remember the important days spent with them or forget the time and place where you planned the hangout, and often do so then no way to escape. Alas! The social life becomes the most adverse one. The person himself feels regret and shame on such behavior, although he is not doing it intentionally.

3. Negligence in Professional Life – Affecting your carrier:

The impact of bad memory appears in social and personal life and can be sorted out with some tactic and strategy depending on the ability of person But in the case of the profession, the scenario is entirely different. Your boss surely does not want the loss of the company. Hence, your first mistake can be the last one. In order to be successful and achieve the best in one’s life, one should have sharp memories. A good memory can lead you to the road to success while a bad one can hurdle it.
You have to attend an important meeting or make an impressive presentation and you forget that then no mercy. A lot insult is awaiting you. In addition to this, you become the part of your boss’s bad book. Avoid this situation and do the best for yourself by gaining the good memory and retaining it. For this, diet and a few beneficial exercises would show better outcomes.

4. Become Non-competitive part of Society:

For a school going kid to a university going student, having a good memory is mandatory. It is the way he can prove his worth in such a competitive environment. One can effectively take part in the extracurricular activities and can take the trophy to his home by showing his best skills due to sharp memory. While the person who does not have good memory deprives of it. Although, he prepared day and night in achieving the first position, but the memory deceives him. It is better for a competitive part of society as your parents would be proud of you as well. Never let your parents and yourself down just because of memory issues.

5. Trust Issues:

If someone gives you a task by trusting you and you just forget it, then the person would not trust you again. If you borrow some money from your friend or neighbor at the time of need while assuring to return it as soon as possible and then do not remember it then it’s entirely your fault. You would no longer remain the trustworthy person. Likewise, if someone gave you a precious thing to keep it at your home and they would take it back after a few days.The failure to return it would arise many questions on your honesty too. Although, the person is unaware of your memory issue, but the first thought that comes to one’s mind is that you do not wish to return it back. Hence, it leaves an immense bad impact on your life.

Wrapping it up:

Get the best advantage of memory in every aspect of your life. Sharp it either by taking nutritious diet or supplements. To support this, also continue brain exercise and play puzzles as well. Make the word astonish with your best memory and kick out the bad memory. There should be no place for it in your precious life. Enjoy healthy activities of life with the healthy mental state!