How to build your online presence

Build your online presence

Today there are millions of websites around the world. Why create a website? This is a basic question. Each website is made by considering the different needs. Most are made to make money from it. If you are doing a business or provide a service and want to make more than the people be to provide business and service information, business or service successful, the Web site is your exact needs.

For example, if you advertise on TV will have to spend a lot of money. The duration of the TV ad is just a few seconds, people do not give much attention to it. If you choose paper flyers or brochures, then it is impossible to distribute these papers to the people. The paper advertisement is a critical period of life of a few days. The website is the most effective and economical means, moreover, if you have any creative work, can also be presented on this website the better.

Similarly, if you are interested in writing, want to become good writers and want to get an appreciation of your skills from readers, then a website is the most effective way to reach millions of people throughout the globe easily. The website is a unique virtual world where your content does not need paper and not you need to spend thousands of dollars for few second commercial on TV. Let’s tell you about few basic things about websites through this article.

Website Categories

There are two types of website.

Static Website

The website where data (content) are the same for all visitors (or users), called static website. Usually, College websites are of this type. The mostly newspaper’s website are also static.

Dynamic Website

A website which data is different for every visitor called dynamic website. The biggest example is Facebook. Facebook puts things according to each account. This is a dynamic addition to your bank’s website that shows the data of the bank account every visitor.

Free website effective social media page or why not?

Most people question the social media pages or free blog also like the website, so why not be used in place of the website. Social media is a problem of pages that you do not have control of many things. In addition, your data or pages can be deleted for any reason. The website will boost the general idea about the quality of your content. Because they will understand that it’s definitely something special about your data if you’re spending money on the site. With your personal website, you can find user’s trends, what they prefer to look.
You can not run ads for other companies with free social media websites, so can not earn money. While your website can be an excellent way to earn money.

How to create a website?

You require three things to the site.

  • Register domain name or website name
  • Get website hosting (renting space somewhere)
  • Website Designing

Domain Name

Domain name is the name of a website. The search engines recognize your site.
There are two types of domain name:

  • Top-level domain
  • Local-level domain

The top-level domain names are used around the world. They come with their names ends with, Dot com (com.), Dot ORG (org.), Dot NET (net.), Dot (edu.) To register a global domain you need to pay a price approximately $11.5 USD.
The local level domain name comes with country extension ending like .CO.UK ( in the United Kingdom), .US (in the United States), .CA (in Canada). local-level domain names mostly registered for two years, two years costs is approximately $20 USD.


After you register a domain name, you need to take renting space for the website, which is called website hosting. Where you can keep data on your website. This is actually a part of the hard disk of the computer server. That can be accessed at any time on the Internet so that every time it keeps users connected to your site. In the USA, there are many local and international companies provide hosting services. The NameCheap is a famous company.

Hosting price depends on your website content. The hosting is usually $9 to $20 a year, to keep a small website, with are just a little written material (text) and pictures. If you want to keep multimedia data such as audio and video on your website. Then you need to choose expensive hosting, this type of hosting price starts from $100 USDs. Some companies (such as NameCheap) with hosting domain name registration is free for the first year,  a saving of about $12 dollars.

Web Design

Then you have to design the website so that people can see your website without any difficulty or confusion. There are two ways to design.

1. HTML page

If you know programming in HTML (html), PHP (php) and CSS (css) then website design will be simple enough for you because have all the skills for the design and development, but you have to fix errors and problems yourself that might occur in future.
You can hire a website designer, with $100 to $300, for your project. One problem is that when you change your programmer or he left himself then for the new programmer, It is very difficult to understand the code of the previous programmer. That is why the more people are using the CMS today.

2. CMS

CMS means “content management system”. You can say CMS is the operating system of the website. There are a lot of CMS in the world for each type of website they are some CMS available in free and some have prices. The most popular free CMS are as follow


WordPress is best for those, who have little knowledge of web designing. It can be used for a small site. It is used in most of the world, its use is fairly simple and does not require any special skills. WordPress is available for free and there are a lot of learning videos about WordPress are available on YouTube.


Like WordPress, Drupal is another powerful content management system. Most of the programmers prefer Drupal and some general users also use Drupal, those wants to use this their own way. The good thing about the Drupal is, its modules are mostly available for free. You can use different modules to create a custom website of your own choice. Different learning videos available on YouTube about drupal.


Joomla, is another popular CMS, like Word Press or drupal, but web designer likes Joomla more than programmers. It has little less importance than the WordPress and drupal.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Nowadays more than 50% website traffic comes from mobile or smart phones. This is making it necessary to take care that the website looks as good as in desktop for those using mobile or smartphone, so they don’t face problems in reading contents.