How to fix slow computer

We all know that computer is an electronic device and it has some problems now and then. We get frustrated the moment our system gets working slow. We are discussing some tips to know how to fix a slow computer and get the maximum speed from the PC.

1.Remove all pointers and plug-ins – Our computer also has some limited capacity and some amount of disposal for certain resources. Sometimes some applications are automatically installed with add-ons you install on your PC. These applications slow down the speed of PC, and these are the free trial versions. You have just followed some steps to follow these tasks. A. Go to Control Panel B. Click on Programs and Features and delete all the apps which are not required.

2.Update all apps – You have to regularly update all the applications and software for proper working and fix issues. Everything from operating system to application software should be updated timely. It will be very helpful to get the maximum speed of your PC.

3.Virus Checking – Malware and Virus are the main reasons to slow down the computer. In case you have a new computer, and it becomes not usable then it gets virus automatically. So you have to install an antivirus to keep your PC get rid of the virus and working smoothly. You have to keep your computer scanned automatically after regular intervals. A user has to select the antivirus very carefully because some antivirus slows down the PC.

4.Upgrade RAM – It is very necessary to install large capacity of RAM for install high-end software. The slow RAM is the most common reason for the slow working of the computer. RAM is very important to store a large amount of temporary data used by the programs. It is easier to change RAM in desktop PC in comparison to Laptop.

5.Messed up Hard drive – Sometimes hard drive gets defragmented and filled with unused temporary internet files. So you have to keep fragmenting your drive and making it clean up for the proper working of PC. These are also two reasons to for slow working of PC. If perform disk defragmentation and disk clean up regularly then your system will not get slow down.

6.Upgrade Hard disk – You can also keep upgrading your hard disk to the solid state level.  It makes your PC fresher and maintains its speed nicely which gives you proper response every time. If you want to buy the new hard disk, then Samsung is the best company which gives a large capacity of the hard disk at very reasonable rates.

7.Get a new computer – We know that each equipment has an expiry date and it gets useless after the certain point of time. So it is imperative sometimes to get the new computer to get your work done properly.

A computer is a machine which should be updated regularly internally and externally for its smoothing functioning. In this article, some tips are shared to know how to fix slow computer.