How to Keep Your Windows Operating System at Best Optimized State

Windows need to be optimized in order to show the amazing performance, which wins the heart of the user. A list of suggestions is available that will act as a guideline in order to optimize, improve and speed up the performance of your Windows. One can conveniently pick up from these options.

Scan Your PC for any Malware

The virus or malware on your PC is quite harmful as is capable of causing various issues in your PC. Hence, your PC is at high-security risk. With an AV program such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free, one can get the full scan of their PC. It would help to remove any sort of threats to your PC. By making the PC safe from any virus or malware is one of the best and efficient ways to keep the windows optimized. On contrary to it, the efficiency decreases when there is any malware present on your PC.

Turn On Fast Boot

The UEFI motherboards have the Fast Boot feature which is the most exciting and fabulous option. Through the fast and ultra fast option, let your PC to boot fabulously much faster than the normal

Uninstall Unneeded Programs

A ton of bloatware and enormous trial software are installed on the majority of OEM computers, which you have bought from the retail outlet. All you need to do is to uninstall these programs. Uninstall the programs which are not required.

Clean Your PC

Performance issues can be resolved and best optimization can be gained by keeping the fans and the inside of your PC dust free and clean. You would clearly feel the difference in the performance of your PC after cleaning the PC. The amazing and brilliant optimization of the Windows would be the outcome as the with the PC cleaner you can relish the fast speed of your PC. The dust present in your PC acts as an insulator and makes it quite hard for the hardware to dissipate the heat that has been built in the PC.

If this problem becomes significant, then it can be sorted out by certain components like a graphics card or processor. They may throttle back the clock speed temporarily. Hence in this way, the damage to the hardware can be prevented.

Turn Battery Saver On or Off

A new battery saving feature has been introduced by the Windows 10. It is efficient enough to conserve the PC’s battery through the adjustment of hardware settings and limiting the background activity. Battery saver has turned on automatically when required. Besides this, it can be turned on manually too. The user can remove or add the apps to the always allowed list even when the feature of Battery Saver is on.

Search Indexing Options Optimization

The location that does not matter to you anymore in searching can be removed by the user from the search index. In this way, the speed of the search results can be improved amazingly.

Use of ‘’High-Performance Power’’ Plan

For maximizing the system responsiveness and boosting up the performance, High Performance’’ power plan is the most useful one. According to the needs that the user find the best for themselves, they can make the adjustment of their power plan settings.

Boost Up Windows Shut Down Time

The user can keep the Windows of their PC optimized by setting and adjusting the WaittoKillAppTimeout, WaitToKillServiceTimeout, HungAppTimeOut and AutoEndTasks values about how long the Windows wait for the hung programs and even for the other programs too in order to save the data or to close it before shutting it down.

Reduce or Disable Hibernate if Not Used

One should select to disable hibernate if one does not use the Fast Startup or hibernate. While hibernating the PC, disabling the hibernate option will allow you to save the GB+ size file in order to keep it save on the hard drive. The shutdown time will be reduced and become shorter when the hibernate option is disabled. If one wishes to use Fast Startup feature rather than hibernate option, then they should specify the hiberfil type as reduced.  It would significantly help to reduce the size of your hiberfil to about half of the original size.

Turn Off Unneeded Visual Effects

The user can improve and optimize the performance of the Window by changing how the windows and menus appear. The thing you need to do is to uncheck the visual effects. By unchecking this option as you do not need it for longer, the user can choose the option of Adjust for best performance in order to help the performance better. The visual effects which are the most common one and need to uncheck are given as:

  • Animations in the Taskbar
  • Animate the windows when maximizing and minimizing
  • Fade or slide the menus into view
  • Fade out the menu items after clicking
  • Fade or slide the ToolTips into view
  • Slide the open combo boxes
  • Show the shadows under windows
  • Animate the controls and elements inside the windows

Automatically Log Into the User Account at the Startup

For those who are the mere one to use their PC and no one else uses their PC are fortunate enough to get the benefit of this option. They can set the Windows on their PC  to be automatically log in option in order to use the user account at the startup instantly. It helps them to save their precious and worthy time which they have been previously using in manually logging in.

Defragment the Hard Disk

The hard disk has to perform extra work due to fragmentation. This can slow down your PC. The hard disk would perform with the best efficiency and speed by using the Disk Defragmenter. It amazingly arranges the data and should be run on a schedule. The user can even run it manually as well.

Run a Fewer Programs At the Same Time

Changing or modifying the behavior of using the PC can lead to a huge impact on the overall performance and speed of your PC. If you are among those users who keep almost eight to ten programs open simultaneously, then do not get surprised when you found the performance of your PC to be reduced and even the PC bogs down. By changing the habit, much better performance would be experienced. Besides this, opening a number of emails all at once also consumes much energy of your PC. Avoid doing so. Also ensure it completely that you run an antivirus program on your computer. The computer can be slow down due to the running of many antivirus programs on it.

These above-mentioned PC cleaner tricks are quite beneficial and should be adopted to get the optimum positive results.