How to replace your Android or iOS keyboard

Get enjoyable typing experience with new keyboard for Android or iOS phones

With the changing trend in mobile phone industry, manufacturers are providing most upgraded handset. Touch screen keypad handsets are very popular these days, but sometimes using touch screen virtual keypad get really exhausting. Typing through touch screen needs to swiping keys and tapping them.  Every one of us keeps on typing for a personal and professional reason; therefore we want our phone to guess the very next word we are about to type. Typing through blocky keys on the normal Android keyboard really get annoying as time passes.  Even the thin gray ones keyboard that is used in iOS also makes us feel dull.  The reason could be any for switching keyboards on your smartphone or iOS phones.

As technology is touching height, people are really getting engage in typing on the handset and changed keyboard will provide better typing experience. If you have android enable phone then you have the option of swapping the “stock” Google keyboard with a third-party application that could replace this.  Apple has given a support by adding third-party keyboards apps with iOS 8.  There are ways by which you can access the settings of your phone and can change into a third-party keyboard.  Changing to a new keyboard will help you to enjoy different look and feel.

Now you have to tap the setting of your phone which supports Android version 4.4.4, a.k.a. KitKat. You have to scroll down again to the Keyboards & Input Methods which provides a list of all the keyboards installed on your Android device and you get the active keyboard checked on the left. If you eager to switch keyboards then you have tap Default, now you have to select one of your installed keyboards and then press active.  You can also change the setting by tapping on the right of an installed keyboard to tweak its settings.  Your phone is all set and you will be happy with new keyboard setting.

When it comes to changing the setting then it is little different with an iOS keyboard than android one.  Here you have to tap the setting where you will get General, Keyboard; this will give you the main iOS Keyboards screen. Now you have to tap to the keyboard option to see what all option is given on your phone. But when you go through it, you will get just one option for the native language.  If you want to add more keyboards then you get new keyboard through robust “emoji” keyboard application. You have to download this app which adds new keyboard and then you can select the keyboard you like the most.

Managing keypad is easy, all you have to check the list of emoji application and select the best option for your phone and enjoy the new amazing experience. Your keyboard will have some option hiding in it like, once you select the keyboard you will also choose between QWERTY, AZERTY, and QWERTZ layouts. One should Change keyboard setting of the handset for better typing experience. Your chat room will get colorful with a new and upgraded keyboard.  Now you have a global key on the bottom-left corner of the keyboard or keypad itself that enhance your typing experience for sure.

When you say that you want to change the keypad setting on your phone to get better typing experience than changing to a new setting on your iPhone, iPad or Android device is a lot easier than it sounds. All you need to access Apple App Store or on the Google Play store and then you have to install this app and select the keyboard given in it. When, you search market lots of keyboard apps are available but emoji is one of the most preferred choices and it is easy to install as well.


Replacing your phone’s keypad is kind of fun and refreshes your lifestyle. There are many free apps present on Google play store and Apple store, you can install a few of them to see which one is right up your ally. Once you find the right one, you can stick to that one and remember, you always have the option to get back to the standard version anytime you want. If you are buying any keypad app then make sure to check its reviews on YouTube or other websites to see if it is worth it or not. Meanwhile, you can use the above methods to change your keypads styles on your phones.