Increase Windows 10 Speed

Windows 10 is the latest and trendy one which has a number of exciting and popular features that are designed to amazingly improve the performance and boost up the speed. It would not be wrong to say that this Window runs much better than the Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Windows 10 is the operating system which is highly configured. It has brought a lot of new settings and features which can leave a negative impact on the performance. To tweak these features are possible. The mitigation of your system is also possible, which is caused by the Windows 10.

By exploring the depth of this stunning Windows 10, once can get the following quick fix in order to achieve the best and most out of the operating system. Optimize Windows 10 and relish the use of it as much as you want.

Turn Off Windows Tips

Sometimes the tricks and tips are shown in Windows 10. You may have noticed that some features like how to get the apps from the store, shows the trick and tips for your guidance and convenience. The app which is behind this is known as ‘’Shown me tips’’. Excess RAM usage and the high processor may cause be caused which will let you find the ways to optimize Windows 10. One more fact that you would feel that the continuous spinning of the fan would cause the system to be quite slow.

Microsoft proves a rapid and amazing fix for this for a duration of a long time. All you need to do is to open up the notification settings and then switch off the option of Show me tips about Windows. By doing this, your problem would be resolved and you would prevent the slowing of the performance of your system. A huge number of people got benefit from this. A worthy tip to follow in order to optimize Windows 10 effectively.

Turn Off Dynamic Color Adaption

Windows 10 has an exciting feature that the new Windows user interface of it adjusts the color of your PC’s window frame and taskbar automatically.  The bug found here is the CPU usage which increases drastically and may reduce the overall performance of your PC when it is enabled.

Tired of the slow performance of your PC? Do not need to be much worried about it. If you are suffering from such problem, then the solution is as below, try it to optimize Windows 10 performance.

  • Go to the Start menu
  • Click on the Settings
  • Choose Personalization
  • Go to Colors
  • Switch off the option of Automatically Pick an Accent Color From My Background

Turn Off Notifications In Order to Conserve Power

Similar to Android and iOS, now Windows 10 supports the fabulous notification center that provides you with an elegant and appealing overview of the updates, new emails, plugged in devices and much more. The unfortunate fact is that this rapidly becomes excessively and exclusively crowded. Hence, it is now leading towards the battery drainage and poor performance of the system as the Windows 10 keep on checking all the apps in order to find new notifications related to them.

To avoid this problem and get the optimization of Windows 10, one need to use the following easy and damn convenient steps. Limit the notifications. The more notification you turn on, the more battery would be drained and the poor performance would be the result. The fewer the notifications of your system would be, the less the impact on performance would be seen. Disable the notifications.

  • Click on the Start button
  • Go to Settings and click on it
  • Choose System
  • Go to Notification and Settings to disable it.

In the above-mentioned windows, Show app notifications are seen. All you need is to flip the switch off this option. In this way, all the notifications would turn off and the battery would be conserved. Ultimately, the performance remains optimized.  However, one can sagaciously choose and select the enabling of your favorite app’s notification to keep yourself updated about those particular ones while keeping the all other apps to be turned off.

Use an SSD

One can use SSD (solid state drive) for Windows 10. It helps to boot drive and system. He dramatic reduction in the startup time would be observed. Add a second solid state drive (SDD) for the INterl Rapid Start. However, the size of your second drive could be smaller than your first drive.  Find the drive having the capacity of about 120GB or even larger in order to move the hibernation files and paging to the second drive. The other potential files can also be transferred the same way.

Disable Visual Effect in UI

The user interface becomes quite elegant and exclusively appealing due to the shadows and animations. But the reality is, they also consume a bit of CPU and the memory resources. All you need is to turn the visual effects off. In this way, Windows 10 gets optimized.

To turn the visual effect off, you need to follow the following simple steps.

  • Open System Properties
  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • Then, in the performance section, click on the Settings Button
  • Uncheck the visual effects tab
  • Indeed, you can uncheck all the highlighted options in green.

Decrease the Boot Delay Timeout Value

By the default, Windows 10 has the boot delay timeout value to be of 30 seconds. If one chooses to modify the boot delay timeout value, then it would be beneficial. Reduce this value to 10 seconds and there would still be enough time to approach the Safe Mode if required.

The following steps need to be followed to change the timeout value conveniently.

  • In the Run box, enter MSConfig
  • Go to the Boot tab in the dialog box of System Configuration
  • Change the Timeout value and keep it 10
  • Then, click OK

You would experience a fabulous faster speed of the operating system by implementing these Windows 10 tweaks which are quite amazing to increase the memory and reduce the startup times. Get the trendy and enjoyable trendy experience and much more responsiveness of your operating system by keeping these recommendations into consideration.

Get the drastic and impressive improvement in the speed and optimization of your Windows 10 by following the above-mentioned tips. Optimize Windows 10 and relish using it with the speed which you were eager to regain. Adopting one or combination of all these suggestions would be helpful and beneficial to you if you are facing great problem regarding the performance of Windows 10.