Know the mentality of a terrorist – psychology behind terrorism

Terrorists have no religion. They live to die. Terrorism is the major issue not only in one country but is spread throughout the world. Youngsters join the terrorist groups in the age of 18 to 23 when they are adults. There are different types of terrorism, which change from country to country, and different character from person to person. There are a large number of groups of terrorists and terrorist organizations, each having different psychology, motivations to do something even to die and different decision-makings. The terrorist organizations check the interest of the persons or cells who do the terrorism. They note the human behaviors that how much a person can bear the conditions of under stress and anxiety. Our questions are that what things make a person terrorist? What are the things that attract them towards terrorism? For what purposes they are ready to die. How are they motivated to kill others and to do suicide? How they become terrorists? To know the understanding, the mindset and the psychology, which plays the key role in their decision to join the terrorist group, we should answer these questions.

Terrorists like violence

They are likely to be the source of violence. The make the atmosphere of fear and terror among people. They wanted to get the attention of people and media and wanted to be recognized by the world. They weak the forces and security of the government seems r be suppressive. They stole the money and weapons to make their group strong and make the economy of a country weakened in such a way because of the terrorism the foreign investments are discouraged, and they target the government of a country to weak its roots. They also affect the government decisions due to which the economy of a country is strongly affected. They start the guerilla wars in the urban areas.

Their motivations and goals

The internal motivations motivate terrorists and make them mentally strong to fulfill their goals. The psychology of a terrorist is a theory and opinion and is not a science. Psychologists have provided the universal psychological principle such as terror of death and personal significances having an important place in understanding the terrorism. They found that the terrorists feel angry.They believe that their political attachment at present does not give them power. They take actions rather than talking about the problems.

According to new research, some terrorists have a criminal record and have the criminal mentality, and their previous record is the criminal. The anxiety plays very important role in the terrorists.It is to be thought that the terrorists showing the violent behavior are not psychological patient or the brainwashed person. Other psychologists found out that suicide attackers are not mentally ill, they reach this conclusion after interviewing with the 15 Palestine suicide attackers who were failed to do this due to the bombs were failed and were captured.

Some people do not join the terrorist groups, but they think like the terrorists by believing that the best way to die is to protect their religion.

Terrorists set their goals to convert it into objectives and then objectives into the plans and actions that have to be planned. The terrorists decide their amount required to attack successfully. A terrorist in such a way will find the weakness and remove these difficulties. The terrorist goals are different in the whole world.

The countries that are weak economically could not openly challenge to the other countries that are very powerful, so they use the terrorism for this purpose.

Not all the terrorists use the bombs, guns and the other weapons throughout the world but there are other types of terrorists, which are male, and females who support the people that like more violence and they do not fight with the enemies.

Psychology behind the suicidal attack

Nowadays the suicidal attacks are very common.Suicidal terrorism is not the problem of one or two countries but is the whole world problem. These attacks took place throughout the world. The question is that who support the suicidal attacks and what is the reason behind this?

Before answering this, we have to know about some key points. The suicidal attacks are explained by the social psychology, in which the other people affect the thinking and behaviors. Sometimes this effect indirectly took place. Suicidal terrorism affects the human behaviors in this way.

In some situations, the suicidal terrorism is no more different from the social feelings and the behaviors of people. The suicidal attack has the basic goal to change the attitude and behaviors of people.