Lawful Restrictions and Limitations over Web Marketing

WMA was established in the year 1997 so as to set tough norms for web marketing along with developments of unsurpassed websites on WWW. This association is staffed by many volunteers of online marketing, PR, Web marketing as well as numerous professionals who have a common interest in the civilizing eminence of website promotion and online marketing. The main goal of WMA is to make a forum which can recognize people & organizations that are completely responsible for increasing internet websites.


The sponsors of the web marketing association have organized web award competition where anyone involved in developing websites can participate. The basic norms state that website entered should be in use for at least one year. An individual submitting all entry details is considered as nominator and he or she receives all information about this competition. The online form has to be filled by nominator with all valid details about the website. There are web award judges who evaluate all the entries made by different nominators. There are three levels for acquiring award trophies or certification. You will have to submit an entry fee of $195 for participating in the competition.

Different criteria used by web marketing association to evaluate participating websites

  • Innovation
  • Content
  • Use easiness.
  • Technology used.
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Interactivity

Judging panel makes use of such parameters to correctly evaluate a website and professionals for awards and certifications.

Advantages of participation

Once you have emerged winner in WebAwards you will be benefited with

  1. Certificate custom trophy- best website among the numerous participants gets a handsome trophy. A personalized certificate featuring web award achievement is also accomplished. Other additional awards are also given so as to reward hard work of individual teams & clients.
  2. Press release- a company gets SEO benefits as the press release is being published in online media page.
  3. Resume highlights- there can be many personal benefits when recognized as the winner for website designing. It adds a professional certification to your resume when searching for any new job as well.
  4. An extraordinary marketing opportunity- you can promote web award winning trough sales material, catalogs, add on websites, presentations along with press release.
  5. Winner’s page- in order to highlight individual’s web award achievements, an online page is being created. The company, as well as the winning website, gets SEO benefits. These pages can be linked to your website homepage as well.
  6. A valid proof which states that a person has met/exceeded industrial standards- web award can work as approval or a kind of seal. It demonstrates the whole world about your achievements and success. It is one of the professional ways to communicate your clients as well as senior managements.

Various sponsors of web marketing association

  1. many businesses uses such profile to mark their online presence and visibility.
  2. Small army- storytelling is an important aspect of marketing and connecting with customers. It facilitates a strong relationship that is always built on numerous shared beliefs.
  3. Website magazine- it focuses on running website successfully. It entails all the concepts and aspects of online marketing and opportunities to improve it.