Natural ways to improve your memory

Bad memory problems

Thousands of people have been complaining about bad memory. It’s not only the problem of aged people, but children and youngsters are facing the common problem today. There are several factors that disturb the viability of your brain, results in weakening of the brain cells and memory loss problem. One of those factors is the lack of a healthy diet in your daily routine.

Let’s take a look at 8 ways to boost your brain activity and sharpen your mind:

A workout for your brain

By the time you become an adult, you brain paths expanded that helps to recall information, solve different problems and perform a task with little effort. Keep on sticking with these brain paths will gradually decrease the efficiency of your brain activity, so there is a need to stimulate it for the growing and developing needs.  The more your brain workout, the better you’ll remember and recall the information.

Consistent struggle and effort are required for the execution of every type of task. If you’re still or stop moving, then you’ll be unable to explore different brain paths.

For making your mind sharp and active, learn new ways of life: playing guitar, swimming, painting or making poetry.

Include the physical exercise in your daily routine

Daily workout is necessary for the mental and physical growth of your mind.  If you’re doing a physical exercise on a regular basis, it helps in the stimulation of brain cells. Performing different types of workout, increase the level of oxygen in the brain and reduces several disorders of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes that are the root cause of bad memory.

Doctors suggest exercise to every age group as it reduces the stress hormones and enhances the effects of helpful brain chemicals.

Types of exercise that you may adopt:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Swimming or playing any game
  • Moderate sleep
  • Short walk or jumping jacks

Get your sound sleep

At different age groups, the demand for a sound sleep varies. Babies and toddlers require 10-12 sleeping hours where adults need 7-8 hours for staying healthy. A proper and sound sleep is vital for the effective functioning of body parts, especially brain who is the central processor of the whole body. A recent research has revealed that sleep is necessary for memory enhancing activity and memory consolidation. For overcoming the memory loss problems, you need:

Sound sleep schedule: Adjust the timings to sleep and getting up, and follow the same pattern for each day except weekends.

Avoid watching the screen before one hour of sleep: The emission of blue light suppresses the hormones of the brain and you feel less sleepy.

Limit the use of caffeine:  The use of caffeine affects people differently. If you feel sleepy during work after the intake of morning coffee, then try to reduce this habit.

Build up healthy relationships

A positive interaction and communication with your friends and family members is the best exercise ever. Your mind gets exposure to new things and information that stimulates the functioning of brain cells.

In a recent study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, it was found that people who have positive social circle and relations are healthier and has fewer memory disorders.

A lot of ways are there to become social. Do you want too for keeping you healthy? Let’s involve in some philanthropic activity with the rational people and do something good for the welfare of the society.

Manage your stress

Thousands of people are the victim of stress, with or without any reason. Some people have the genuine reason to take the stress, while others are doing this because they’ve nothing else to do. The empty mind is the home of evil and over-thinking spoils you. The more you take the stress, the more your memory will be lost. For overcoming this problem:

  • Engage yourself in some productive work
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Try to be expressive and show your feelings to others
  • Avoid multi-task and stay focused on a single task.

Stay Happy

Laughter is the best medicine for your brain and memory. Listening to different jokes and celebrating fun time with your loved ones engage the brain in creativity and learning. As a result, your brain releases fewer stress hormones and you feel light and healthy.

Intake of brain-boosting diet

Having the junk food and beverages, just give you a taste with no health benefits. Try to include the diet based on proteins, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats in your daily meals. This will keep your brain active and healthy and reduce the risk of several diseases: cholesterol, diabetes and heart problems.

  • For memory loss problems, use:
  • Omega-3, beneficial for brain health.
  • Proteins and low-fat carbohydrates
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Green tea

Practical steps for learning

Students face learning problems in their academic career. Following are some of the tips to learn and recall the information that boosts your brain energy.

Pay deep attention to the information you listen. If you don’t remember what you hear, just quickly repeat the same words or piece of information 7-8times. The main benefit is that you also hear the same words spoken by you and your brain will absorb it on every call.

Involve the different senses at a time and try to relate information with colors, textures, taste and smell. Furthermore, the written information is also useful to recall it over the longer time period. This is the main reason why students are suggested to rewrite the lesson that they’ve learned during class.

Understand the basic concept of the complex material and try to simplify the information. If you’re facing problem in memorizing your lesson, absorb it with the help of drawings, flow charts or in bullet points. This is the easiest way to recall the information

Recall the important information over and over again on a daily basis. If there are formulas or some derivations, try to copy it on the paper and paste the paper on your door. When you enter or exit the room, see that piece of paper and recall the given information.