Popular anti-aging and skin wrinkles treatments

Popular anti aging treatments

Wrinkle treatment is an expensive and difficult choice these days.  There is a variety of treatments for aging skin. Depending on your own choice there are some major types of plastic and cosmetic surgery, skin injections, laser skin resurfacing and anti-aging creams.

Surgery is mostly used for reconstructing skin and damaged body parts but during last recent years, cosmetic treatment is performed at large scale to reduce aging signs and skin tightening. Skin specialist does not favor surgery for aging treatments because medical science revealed that skin aging is not skin damage and reconstructing skin is not a permanent and healthy solution.  Collagen is our skin component that is responsible for skin thickness. Once collagen level decreased, skin becomes thinner and wrinkled. Instead of increased amount of collagen in skin plastic and cosmetic surgery fill the skin underneath with chemical components. As time passed skin becomes thinner and chemical filling loosen hence it starts looking uglier than before.

Skin injections are the choice of dermatologists. They inject medicines into the skin like hyaluronic acid or cellifique. These fillers fill out lines in wrinkles and defused in skin natural way that it looks younger and healthy. But this treatment is not useful for all kinds of skin and not on the total face. Areas beneath eyes and around lips could not be treated well with this method. The medicine they use is integrated into tissues and by time is further defused so results last about nine to ten months. For skin injection treatment you have to go through the same procedure again and again. This will give you extra pain and cost you higher each time.

laser skin resurfacing is another method used to tighten skin. The high-intensity laser is used to resurface the skin by removing skin layers one by one and skin becomes very red. Redness of skin last for several days, then skin rehabilitation process starts that aided by medicines and several diets. Laser treatment results last for two to five years. There are some risks attached to laser treatment major is skin cancer and minor can be ineffective around eyes and lips. It is not good for the skin with acne marks and very dark skin. It does not bring the results over night and did not solve the problem of declining collagen in the skin at all.

Skin specialist emphasizing on low cost and long lasting treatment. They proposed to supply the skin with the components those are on decreasing by aging. Collagen and elastin one is responsible for skin thickness and second for tightness. These two components can be supplied by using creams easily. It is totally safe and natural way to treat skin wrinkles and aging signs. Despite another high cost, risky and unhealthy choices, using anti-aging cream is low cost as well. You can try our best new and improved anti-aging cream and watch the results within the first week of use. Thanks for ready our research article.