Possible Features Of Next Microsoft Operating System

In the terms of an operating system, Windows 10 is like a baby of 18 months, but enormous leaks have made this clear that Microsoft MSFT -0.15% is busy in putting huge efforts on a platform of new Windows. It is the new and unique thing that hasn’t seen before.

Dubbed ‘Windows Cloud’, considered as an inexplicable operating system, was first revealed one week ago in the form of a new beat for the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft reported CNet “We don’t have anything to share with you”, but the door of floodgates is no more closed.

Although it’s not clear when Microsoft will deliver the new version of Windows Cloud, but Creators Update to Windows has revealed that it will arrive soon. Furthermore, Microsoft is planning to introduce the latest version of a second planned update to Windows 10.

Windows Blog Italia has the screenshots of the operating system, whereas the enthusiast site of the Microsoft Thurrott.com has engaged its hands on the building of Windows Cloud, as a test drive.

Windows Cloud

Are you familiar with the windows cloud? Or you have ever come across to this word in your life?

Let’s make your ambiguity clear here. In short, Windows Cloud is a naked version of Windows 10 that is only designed for the operation of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps – aka apps that are designed to run smoothly on mobile devices and desktop as well.

If you’re going to run any standard programs of the desktop on Windows Cloud, it will result in the alerting message: “The app that you want to run isn’t designed for this Windows’ version”.

Furthermore, it’s really surprising news that even Centennial apps fail to work at this moment- though there is a chance of a change…

And what about the “Cloud” name and its reference? What has it to do here? For sure, it does, but it makes a little sense. Just like Google’s Chrome OS, the operating systems are not completely cloud based. It’s like a super cool buzzword that was wanted by Microsoft to give it a name of “Cloud first” strategy or like a platform that is incredibly light in weight and smart in functioning.

Can Windows Cloudcan be replaced by Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the best operating system in this technological era. Still, we admire that Microsoft is on the top, and Windows cloud can supplement the Microsoft, but unable to replace it. The way Windows Cloud is designed could give a proper answer to Chrome OS by the Microsoft Company, and no doubt it is building a great infrastructure in the budget sector, especially education sector. We can’t imagine the life of a student of computer sciences or soft engineer without the desktop and this latest technology.

Not only this, through the use of Windows Cloud, it’s possible for the Microsoft to test and see the long lasting results and future of the Windows. AWP exclusive stripped back, Cloud focused and might be the introduction of a new pricing methodology of monthly fees, by Microsoft for the different business.

A question arises here: Should Windows Cloud run as a separate operating system? Well, not really!

I guess that the two will merge soon.

There is no doubt in the repeated statement delivered by Microsoft that “Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows”

What if two versions of the windows run side by side? Obviously, it will look odd. The management of the two new versions will also become tough. The truth of the statement could be given by the example of Microsoft when it tried to run with Windows 8 and Windows RT.

In a nutshell, Windows Cloud gives us more questions than answers. A lot of complexities and troubles will be there. It is exciting, puzzling and disruptive.