Steps to speed up the computer Windows 7

There could always be a reason for anything that is happening inside your PC, whether it become slower or grounded to a halt. At the same time if something is not working properly you can always give a reboot to your PC for the effective & faster solution. In that way, you can fix few problems in a convenient & timely manner without any need to troubleshoot the PC. But if your problem can’t be resolved with the normal reboot then you can apply other steps for giving a boost to your Windows 7 PC. Let’s take a look at the steps to perform:

Finding the resource taking programs

There is definitely some resources are being used by your PC if it is running slowly. However, it’s a usual task that PC carries out to perform certain operations. But if it is suddenly running slower, then there may be chances that runway process is using the 99% of your CPU’s resources. To figure out, you can open task manager then you have to the right click on the taskbar & here you can select “Task Manager” or another way to open it is by pressing Ctrl+ Shift+Escape keys. Here you can click on the CPU, Memory & Disk headers for sorting out the list of certain apps using the most of your PC’s resources. You can either forcefully or normally close the certain apps that are using too many resources.

Closing the system tray programs

Apart from the above-mentioned situation, many apps tend to run in the system tray or notification area. These apps launch at the startup & stays in running state at background by remaining hidden in Windows 7/8 behind the up arrow at bottom right corner of your PC’s screen. From here you can close the apps that you don’t need in the background by closing it with a right click.

By disabling the startup programs

You can speed up your login process & save the memory/CPU cycles by preventing the apps to launch at the startup. In PC’s with the Windows 8, 8.1 & 10 OS, you can easily find the startup manager within the Task Manager from here you can manage your startup programs. You can disable the startup apps that you don’t need by clicking on the startup Tab & further disabling the unwanted apps.

Reduce your animation programs

The latest version of windows uses the few animations, but all those animations can make your PC looks a bit slower. By disabling the associated animations, you can increase the speed of your PC by some level.

Other useful methods that can try

Apart from above-discussed methods, you can try the following for making room for the resources. These are:

  • Lighten the Web Browser
  • Scanning for Malware or Adware
  • Freeing up Disk space
  • Defragmenting the Hard Disk
  • Uninstalling the irrelevant programs

At last, reset the PC or reinstall that Windows 7

If none of the above-mentioned tips works great for you, then the last option remains to install a fresh version of windows or performing a reset operation on your PC.