Tips to Lose Weight after Abortion

If you are a woman, then you must have a thorough idea on how difficult it is to deal with uprising post abortion issues. Gaining weight or belly fat is one such cumbersome issue that most of the women confront after abortion and weight lose after abortion is much more difficult to pull off than when you are not pregnant at all. Abortion is generally the halting of pregnancy by removing the fetus from the uterus of the conceived mother either by induced or spontaneous abortion procedures.

In induced abortion procedure, the fetus is surgically removed intentionally by an expert nurse of doctor, whereas in spontaneous abortion procedure, the fetus is removed in an unintentional manner with the help of certain pills or chemical intake prescribed by the doctor. But in both the situations, gaining belly fat is an inevitable result which you cannot simply avoid.

The measures which can effectively reduce your weight basically revolves around maintaining diet which is mostly the vegetarian diet chart for weight loss. or curbing eating habits with certain physical exercises. Even though the methods would take time to bring you back to your perfect shape, it is not a bad idea to give it a try at least for once.

#1: Low Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are basically the body building element in your nutrition which can surprisingly increase your body weight or belly fat if taken in excessive amount. Thus it would be quite a better idea to reduce the consumption of foods like rice, wheat, refined flour, etc, which contain heavy carbohydrate content and increase the protein, fiber and vitamin contents, which can verily be acquired by fresh green vegetables, fruits, boiled fish or boiled egg. Thus following a vegetarian diet chart for weight loss is a must for your weight loss venture.


#2: Belly Wrapping

Belly wrapping is one of the oldest and conventional methods of reducing fat by women in which the belly or the abdominal portion is wrapped well with clothes or thicker leather like pieces. The compression of the maternity belts reduced the belly fat by causing profuse sweating. If followed for a daily basis, it can in no time tuck in the uterus back to its original size and you get back your previous shape.

#3: Green Tea

Green tea is one such diet plan which can be consumed every now and then after a certain interval. It contains certain rejuvenating anti-oxidants which in addition to boosting metabolic rate of your body, burns a lot of belly fat also. It also enhances your immune system by increasing B-lymphocytes and T- lymphocytes antibody content in your blood. These antibodies not only fortify your internal body from unexpected microbial invasion but also prevent certain bacterial intrusion which tends to generate emulsified fats at certain portions of your body, and help toning your body.

#4: Effective Diet Plan

  • Eat brown rice instead of the regular rice on a regular basis which contains lesser carbohydrate content.
  • Try to incorporate vegetarian diet chart for weight loss, as they contain high fibers and vitamins which help rapid weight loss after abortion.
  • Try to avoid sugar consumption completely if possible as it contains a lot of calories which can increase blood sugar level also in addition to belly fat.
  • Start to take baked foods instead of oily of fried foods. Baked foods are equally delicious and can be a perfect substitute for oily foods.
  • Beverages like alcohol are the most dangerous drinks after abortion which is likely to increase fat due to its elevated sugar or calorie content.
  • Prefer not to eat red meat like pork, mutton and beef. It can manifest many adverse affects on your body, so rather prefer fish, chicken and turkey. These are usually the protein packed food with minimal amount of calorie and fat.

#5:Regular Exercises

Alongside maintaining a balanced diet, maintain a proper daily work out or exercise regime which would help you a lot to lose your weight on a quicker rate.

Hopefully the advices which are laid out above would surely assist you in your weight loss after abortion if followed with patience.