Top Credit Card Offers For Students

Credit cards offers for students

Student credit card is an amazing and exciting facility for the students. The college students over this age of 18 are considered eligible to achieve this outstanding facility. It is such a jackpot or magical stuff which almost every student should have in order to start building up their own credit history. In this way, they get the perfect opportunity to make a good credit by the time they graduate.

In addition to this, it develops a sense of responsibility to them as well.  They can utilize their credit for fulfilling their important routine tasks such as for paying bills, purchasing groceries and utilities as well. The everyday expense can be paid quickly and conveniently through them.
An amazing fact to share is that many of the student credit cards offer a reward system. According to this reward policy, the students get the reward and the additional incentive when they achieve good grades and pay the bills on time. Hence, it effectively makes them responsible too, while providing the amazing benefit of the incentive which surely every student would desire to achieve.

Some of the student credit card offers you a point system which is quite outstanding as it gives you point when you spend your dollar. On spending of each dollar, you got the point. One can even find the student credit cards which offer introductory 0% APR (annual percentage rate). It effectively lets you hold the balance from the 1 month to the other. Amazingly, it is without incurring the interest for the predetermined period of time.
The credit card offers for the students are quite fascinating that students get confused about selecting the one which fulfills all their needs. Hence, they must take a deep breath and make a sagacious choice of the best and top student credit cards. Let us have a glance at the best student credit cards for US college students:

1. Journey®:

Journey® is one of the best and most popular student credit card. It provides you 1% cash back on the purchases you made. The student brilliantly gets a bonus of 25% as a reward on the cash back, which they earn each month by paying their bills on time. Hence, in this way you can earn 1.25% cash back in total. It is limitless about what you can earn and redeem on your cash back.  Your cashback does not expire. There is a good for the busy and nerd students. They would be pleased to know that they can easily set up the automatic redemptions. Hence, one can enjoy the higher credit line after making the first 5 months payments on time. There is no annual fee for it. Bravo!

2. Discover it®:

The benefits of Discover it student card card is similar to those of standard Discover it card. It provides a fabulous cash back reward program to the students, which many other student credit cards fail to do so. One earns 1% cash back on all purchases. 5% cash back up is obtained on the purchases in quarterly rotating spending categories which include gas station purchases or department store.
Discover it amazes you by automatically doubling all the cash, which you have earned during your first year. It does not provide any sign up bonus to students. The balance transfer takes about 3% of the transferred amount. It does not charge any annual fee. The introductory APR is 0% for the first 6 months. Discover it does not charge any foreign transaction fee. In addition to this, the late fee for the first late payment is not charged as well.

3. Citi Thank You®:

Citi Thank You® is the perfect student credit card as it provides them a bonus of 2500 points when they spend $500 on Citi Thank You credit card within the 1st three months of their card membership. For spending each dollar on  dining at the restaurant and entertainment, you will earn 2 ThankYou points. These ThankYou points are achieved on each dollar you spent on these mentioned activities. On the other hand, one gets 1 ThankYou point by spending their dollars anywhere else than the mentioned activities. Relish 0% introductory APR on the purchases for almost 7 months. Besides these amazing benefits of the card, one gets the amazing relaxation as well, as it does not charge any annual fee.

Credit card issuers are entirely aware of the fact that the students have less money than the older people having the full time jobs. Hence, keeping this in their mind, they tend to restrict the student customers tightly on their purchase from the card. The fact is that your first credit card would not come to the exceedingly high credit limit, especially if your only bread and butter is just a stipend or a work study job. Some outstanding and best student credit cards are mentioned above for your convenience so that you could get according to your circumstance.
The good news about these credit card offers is that they facilitate you while making regular payments. They build a positive credit history. It effectively looks for the amazing ways in order to earn extra income on the other side, your spending power and the credit limit.

Why Should I Have a Student Credit Card?

The student credit card performs the dual function. It provides you all the amazing and fascinating benefits which usually comes with a credit card such as getting insurance coverage for the purchases, earning rewards and being able enough to make the purchases and then paying for it later on. While on the other hand, it serves as a quite efficient and brilliant credit building tool in the case if used correctly. You must always make the full payments, but on the time in order to build a strong and solid credit history.

What Features Should Be Present in The Best Student Credit Card?

The exact advantages that you are looking to achieve from the student credit card majorly depends upon your current situation. It also depends upon how to manage to spend the money either lavishly or  moderately as desired and required. There must be a few basics which an outstanding student credit card must provide to its customer students.
The best student card would be the one which will provide the students with the following mandatory facilities.

  • No annual fee
  • Security
  • Free access to credit scores