US Government Health Policies and Benefits

US government health policies and benefits

US government health policies and benefits provide the people of America with such health benefits which they have been looking for long. The Affordable Health Care Act is one of them and no doubt is the most popular one throughout the World. It fabulously covers a set of 10 categories of the health insurance plan services. These include:

  • Doctor’s services
  • Mental health services
  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital care
  • Pregnancy and childbirth and more…!

Some of the plans even cover much more services. These plans should be effective enough to offer the dental coverage to you, cute children. For the adults, the dental benefits are optional. Depending on the state’s requirements, the special services of these health insurance plans vary. By comparison, you can have a clear view about every plan and the offers which they provide.

The Affordable Health Care by US Government is the bill which was crafted by the US House of Representatives in the year 2009. The American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA) is also referred to as Ryancare, Obamacare-Lite, Trump care and Republican. On March 23rd, 2010, US president Obama signed the Patient Protection and the ACA (Affordable Care Act) into law. It is also known as Heath Care Reform. Let us have a glance at the amazing highlights of the ACA, which fabulously includes the following impressive points but not strictly limited to these only.

  • The Coverage of your children to age 26
  • The Preventative services without cost-sharing
  • The Health Insurance Marketplace
  • An outstanding opportunity for the entitled tribal organizations, tribes and the urban Indian organizations in order to buy coverage in the FEHB (Federal Employees Health Benefits) Program for their employees

This law provides the consumers with subsidies I;e the premium tax credits which effectively lowers the cost for the households with the incomes between the federal poverty level of 100% and 400%. It effectively works by keeping it mandatory that everyone should get health insurance in the year 2014 or pay the tax. For the people having a small business and middle-income families, it provides the subsidies to them by taxing some health care providers and the high-income families as well.

The Affordable Care Act or the Obama Care is the US healthcare reform law which aims to improve and expands one’s access to care and curbs by spending through the taxes and regulations. Its main focus is to provide more and more to the Americans with the marvelous access to the health insurance that is affordable to them. Improve your health insurance and the quality of health care by regulating the industry of health insurance. It can also be achieved by reducing the healthcare expenditures of the US. This law includes hundreds of different provisions which address the various aspects of the healthcare crisis in the US. Obama Care is the unofficial name of this health care law.

What does the affordable health care act include?

US Government Health Benefit and Policy, the Affordable Care Act includes a huge number of important and beneficial things. Some of these are given as below:

  • It offers the Americans some amazing rights, protections and new benefits with regard to the health care
  • It expands the Medicaid to the adults in many states
  • It improves the Medicare for the seniors and for those with the long term disabilities
  • It introduces nee tax breaks and taxes among other provisions
  • It sets up a Health Insurance Marketplace for the Americans where they can easily make purchases federally regulated and the subsidized Health Insurance policy during the open enrollment
  • It effectively expands the employer coverage to the millions of employees.
  • It requires a majority of the people to have the coverage at each month from 2014 in order to get an exemption or to pay a fee.

This Act reforms the Medicare and includes offering you the Medicare recipients with the amazing new rights, protections, and benefits. During the annual open enrollment period each year, people get proper and stunning coverage through the health care insurance marketplace.
By the new health care reform law, one gets an amazing Medicaid offer that cover disables, more low-income and elderly people.  The core achievements of the Affordable Care Act is to make all the Americans insurable. It requires the insurers to accept the applicants at the rates which are based on the population averages with no regard to the health status.  This act also enhances the coverage of the people by allowing the states to expand the Medicaid, which is the social health care program for the families and the people having low resources.

The Innovative Medicare Payment in the Affordable Health Care Act:

In the Affordable Health Care Act, one can relish the Medicare payment with theses outstanding innovations such as:

  • Value-Based Purchasing Program
    This is a pilot program which shifts the financial risk from the Medicare to the hospitals and competent physicians that provide the marvelous health care. Bundling hospitals and the physician reimbursement into the single payment for achieving an episode of health care are included in this current pilot.
  • Community Care Transition Program
    This program tests the model to reduce the readmission after the admission in the hospital from the Medicare funds. The community care transition program improves the communication between the primary care physician and hospitals. The models that are being tested in this program involves the specialized clinics, partnerships between nursing homes and the health care hospitals, improved health care services and the return to a home visit by the doctors.
  • Shared Savings Program
    This innovative program retains the current payment structure. It even rewards a group of providers. Through this program, an accountable care organization (ACOs) is included in order to provide the quality care at the lower cost. To the patients, the ACO structures are invisible. On the basis of the voluntary provider relationships, the patient gets attributed to an ACO.  200 ACO pilots are ongoing in America. The organization and their optimal size are still under study.

Get the most exciting and useful health benefits and advantage out of best health benefit and policies by the US Government