What Are the Food Causing Memory Problems

Food cause memory problems

Memory is no doubt one of the biggest blessings of God. People having sharp memory are considered to be the luckiest one. They easily remember each and every scenario. They even remember the people, which they have once met in their life.One does not need to spend a dull or boring life. A number of studies have shown that enormous foods are there which play a key role in boosting and enhancing the memory. But there a few fruits too, which increases the risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Such notorious food is also linked to the other problems which are quite serious. These make it important for us either to limit the intake of these foods or remove it from our diet. Nothing is more beneficial than the good health. For this, the significance of diet can never be denied. Healthy and nutritious food improves the health of the heart, lowers the risk of diabetes, cancer and other fatal diseases. Indeed, many researchers have revealed that the poor diet impacts one’s memory and enhances the chances for one to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Foods Which Induce Memory Loss:

Let us have a glance at the foods which we consume in our diet while having no idea how they are proving to be damaging to our brain health and losing our memory from us. Some of these are given as below:

1. Packaged Food:

There are several ingredients in the packaged foods which cause memory loss and may cause other brain problems as well. No doubt, life is quite busy and full of hectic schedule where the last thing one finds is to cook dinner at the end of a hard day at work. As it is quite convenient for one to purchase the packaged foods which are quite instant and easy to prepare and eat.
Wait! Do you know what these packaged foods actually contain? These contain the ingredients which can affect your brain health and memory. Hence, it is quite important to read the ingredients that are listed on the packaged foods. These notorious and dangerous ingredients include the following!

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
    On fructose, various researches have been conducted and it was found that it harms your body and plays its role in fatty liver, obesity, and diabetes. The current ULCA study revealed the fact that a diet which is steadily higher in fructose slows down your brain, learning and hampers memory.
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) (621)
    Taking such a meal which is high in MSG will cause the excess glutamate to get into our brain at higher concentrations than the normal. Ultimately, it causes the over-stimulation and the damage to the cells of your brain.
  • Aspartame (951)
    The more the exposure to the aspartame would be, the more the damage to the brain cells would be.

Avoid using the packaged meal and consider the fresh ingredients and vegetables to cook your meal. Change your lifestyle With a bit focus and attention to your meal, you can retain your best memory and prevent it effectively from being damaged.

2. Saturated Fat:

According to the research conducted at the University of Montreal, the diet rich in saturated fat may lead to the loss of memory and damages the brain as well. Saturated fat impairs the functioning of your brain’s mesolimbic dopamine system. This part of the brain implicates in drug addiction, mood disorders, and overeating. On the contrary, the diet rich in monounsaturated fat, such as olive oil,  does not show the same kind of association.

3. Tuna:

Tuna is easy, rapid and a meal which is packed with protein. According to the research from the journal ‘’Integrative Medicine’’, it was found that people who eat species of fish, especially more tan 3 servings are more likable to develop a poor memory as it risks the cognitive dysfunction. Tuna, Grouper, Bass, Snapper,  Shark and swordfish are the species of fish which are high on the food chain. Having more than 4 serving of these per month is quite dangerous for one to have. These are found to be the culprits of your brain functioning if taken in excess. The question arises, why these are considered to be the culprits? The answer lies in the fact that they have high levels of mercury.
Seafood eating habits of almost 384 people were analyzed and then they were introduced to the series of cognitive tests. People having a high mercury level in their blood showed poor performance and scored worse in their test in comparison to those who has lowest mercury level.

4. Sodium:

All of us are aware of the effect of sodium in enhancing the blood pressure and causing the person at the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The more the sodium level of the person would be, the lesser the physical activity, he would show. Low physical activity shows the negative impact on the cognitive abilities. The research was conducted on almost 1262 participants by using the physical activity and consumption of sodium as the main factors of the study. Quite significant changes were seen. It was found that the regular exercise can help you out in counteracting the sodium’s negative effects on your brain and cardiovascular system as well.

5. Tofu:

The consumption of Tofu was analyzed in 719 Indonesian women and men and then they were subjected to the series of the memory test in order to find out the effect of Tofu on your brain. People who enjoy more than 9 servings a week face greater memory challenges in comparison to those who does not do so. According to the researchers, the tofu’s phytoestrogen seems to affect the brain function.

6. Trans Fat:

Now, one gets one more reason to rejoice the ban of trans fats by FDA. Trans fat could hurt your memory. According to the study published in the PLoS One journal, it was found that consuming trans fat in excess may associate you with the difficulty of remembering words. The role of trans fat in damaging the memory can be estimated from the fact that people who consumed the highest amount of the trans fat per day only recalled 65 words correctly. In contrast to it, the average participants could easily recall 86 words.

Cut down or decrease the use of this food and enjoy the healthy brain functioning. Eat the meal which boosts your memory so that you could remember your life events well. In addition to this, brain exercises also have shown to have a great role in boosting our memory. Love and care your brain the way as you care for your whole body!