What are the major issues windows 10 faces

Technology has been persistently increasing day by day. People are getting the addiction by using the latest technology. Either it’s a mobile phone, tablet or PC, the usage of every technology is same today. For availing the benefits, there should be a proper knowledge of the operating system.

Windows is basically the Microsoft operating system that thousands of users use on a daily basis for enjoying the exciting browsers and apps. In every era, the variety of Windows has been launched and installed on the tablets and PCs. Windows 7, Windows 8 and now Windows 10 is winning the hearts of the people due to its exhilarating traits.

Windows 10 is one of the best-operating systems that is running over 400 million smartphones, PCs, and tablets. Due to the popularity of the Windows 10, the company, Nokia has launched its own mobile phone that is commonly called as windows mobile.

Where the Windows10 is touching the heights of the sky, it has some constraints on it. Windows 10 has a few bugs and issues that have been facing by the users.

Are you a regular user of Windows 10 and you’re not familiar with the problems? Well, this statement holds untrue. You might face one of the following problems. If not, then beware before switching to Windows 10.

Windows installation terminates with “something happened” message

While you install the windows 10, you may face the installation problem with a message of “something happened” and a “close” button on the screen.  This has been observed when you install the Windows 10 through USB OR DVD.

The best fix is to choose the “Upgrade this PC” option with the help of Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. Next, there would be no need to formulate ISO-based installation media (USB or DVD).

In a nutshell, choosing an in-place upgrade is a better option than selecting ISO files for windows 10.

Start menu cannot bear more than 512 items

Start menu doesn’t hold more than 512 items. Although 512 apps are more than enough for the users but still more than this digit, the apps disappear and the start menu totally messed up. It is a common problem of the Windows 10 these days.

However, Microsoft has all information regarding this start menu and they’re working on this to remove the cap.

Clipboard issues in Windows 10

This is another issue that has been facing by users of the Windows 10. There is no other fix for this other than pressing the key combination. It will be copied soon to the clipboard. Another option may be to right click and select the copy or cut paste option.

Windows Store Crashes

This is the main problem of the windows store when somebody wants to download anything. As you click the install button for downloading the app, the windows store crashes.

The Windows teams have got this complaint and they’re working to resolve this issue soon.

Wireless networks are not available

After you switch from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10, there is no wireless network available. In the case of using a USB adapter or built-in Ethernet adapter,  Wired Ethernet also stops working. This is due to the poor functioning of the VPN.

If you’re coming across such kind of issue, then read the articles related to “Wifi doesn’t work after the installation of Windows10”

Besides these above, other issues are:

  • Improper functioning of taskbar or start menu
  • Windows store app is not opening properly
  • Settings of the Windows 10 doesn’t open properly
  • NVIDIA Graphic cards are not compatible
  • Problems with boot device
  • Issues with installation, updating, and activation

This is not the end of the story! There are certain few problems that users face while using Windows 10.

Printing Compatibility

Older devices might face this issue, especially when you’re switching from Windows 7 to Window 10. In order to resolve this issue, all drivers of the printer should be re-installed for proper functioning.

Just google the name of your printer, and download the compatible drivers for Windows 10. It’s very easy to do within a couple of minutes.

Grappling with the touch screen

Having the touch screen technology of Windows 10 machine is the best experience of OS.

On windows 8, Microsoft has been operating with the finger or sometimes pen to scroll down or tap.

The simple solution is to go to the setting>system>tablet mode. Turn the tablet mode on and use the pointer option rather than using finger mode.

Finding Safe Mode

In safe mode, you just experience the booting of PC safely with no startup apps. Only important drivers are available that can boot the PC.

Whereas in Windows10, you’ve to hold the shift key while your PC is in safe mode. This is the extra effort that you’ve to make.

Microsoft older files

In Windows 10, the opening of Microsoft older files results in a corrupted file. Either the file is unable to open or it gets corrupted. There is a simple solution for this.

Open Command Prompt in the start menu and type:

icacls “%program files%Microsoft Office 15” /grant *S-1-15-2-1:(OI)(CI)RX

This will solve your problem.

Screen Issues

After the installation of Windows 10 or upgrading it, the flickering screen is the common problem.

The easiest way to solve this issue is to re-install all the relevant drivers for their proper functioning.

Black screen errors

A black screen after the installation of Windows 10 is the common problem.  If you haven’t booted the Windows 10, make sure your internet connection is there and start using your PC in a safe mode by holding the Shift button.

If the problem still remains there, then contact the Microsoft team for further explanation.


Whatever the Windows 10 is doing and creating a mess on your device, just Google your query and ask for solution In a case of extreme disappointment, you can consult with the Microsoft team for the listed problems.